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Difference in sound

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  • Difference in sound

    Hi folks. This one is for the past and present TD-5 users out there(forgive me. I know I sound like a cheesy disc jockey, but it's the best phrasing I could find).

    I have the TD-5 module. I like how it sounds. Yes, it's a little dated, but with the settings I have made, I think it sounds more like a processed acoustic sounds, like one would hear with good mastering. Again, I think it sounds fairly good. But I know as well as anyone else how fast the technology moves nowadays. I am seriously asking, is my module out of date? Should I consider getting a new one? For all those who shucked their older modules in favor of new ones: what was so superior about these new modules? Was is similarity to an acoustic? Please reply. I know this question isn't as well-formulated as my last few, but I'm hoping some external feedback will help me organize my thoughts. Thanks.


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    Originally posted by c. jude:
    If the module sounds good to you, it is.
    Definatly true. If you get a chance though you may want to see if the music store near you has a something newer such as the td-6 or 8. Jump on it and see what your ears say.
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      If you're happy with it, keep it, and when the next round of modules comes out (TD-12, ddrum5) you can weigh the options again.
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