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Milti-rod stick sound?

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  • Milti-rod stick sound?

    Bought my TD8-KV a couple of days ago and I'm over the moon with them!

    And thanks to every one for contributing to a great site which has been invaluable in helping me decide which e-drums would suit me.

    I've already dived in and started to recreate some of my favourite sounding kits and am amazed at its versatility. However, one thing seems to have stumped it. Or maybe it's me. The sound of multi-rod sticks like those used by Clune (David Gray's drummer) or Oasis sometimes. I've got to a rough approximation using brushes but it's not quite there. I'm trying to recreate the intro to Babylon which sounds a bit like multi-rods playing the snare rim and then moving onto the snare head as the song gets going.

    I just wondered if any of you seasoned v-drum kings out there had any ideas.

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    Right then ........ *shuffles feet*

    *whistles and taps legs with hands* (paradiddle practice)

    So ..... I'll get my coat


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      I would have loved to have helped - but I've not created such a kit.

      If you do create something that sounds good, maybe you could post your kit here? Or on a site like: http://www.tdi.formativ.net/syxdownl.htm



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        Will do.



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          I'm not familiar with the TD8's effects, but on the TD-10/W-1, I'd pick stick sounds without too much attack, then put a tight delay on the toms, snare & cymbals, and back off the effect slightly with the send/return parameter.

          I haven't actually tried this, it just seems to make sense.

          Perhaps in another module or upgrade, Roland will include some multi-rod hit samples?



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            Er... you can't really do anything you mentioned on the TD8! But thanks anyway.