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New tool for TD8 users

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  • New tool for TD8 users


    I own a TD8 and really missed a tool that allows you to easily edit, backup and exchange td8 settings.

    This week I started working on such a utility that will allow td8 users to do just that (Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 and midi interface required).

    It is still *very much* in its beta stages, but I wanted to inform you and hopefully get some feedback on what kind of features you might find useful. It (still) relies on midiox to do the actual sysex communications.

    Stuff that I'm currently working on:

    - Easy editing of all parameters (I am still trying to figure out how user patterns and songs are stored, but I'm close)

    - Read selective settings from TD8 or sysex file

    - Write selective settings to TD8 or sysex file

    - Load Drum Kit settings and save them to any Kit

    - Copy/Paste settings

    Here's a first screenshot:

    I am looking forward to any comments/suggestions/feedback you might have!


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    That looks great! I'd like to help with testing when it's ready. I'm a vdrum newbie so I can't really name any features offhand. I wish I was more of a C programmer though. (I do mostly web/database stuff with PHP and/or VB frontends.)

    Will roland not release the specs to the format?
    Roland TD-20 v1.08, various v-drums and v-cymbals, Yamaha KP65's, Axis pedals, Gibraltar hardware, Mackie 1202/SRM450 (pre-china)


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      I expect a first "release" version to be ready somewhere in the next 2 weeks.

      Roland has documented all TD8 memory settings and locations in the parameter address map(appendix midi implementation, TD 8 manual page 208-212, at least in my manual). However they did not specify how pattern and song data is structured. I have not bothered to contact Roland about this, it can't be that difficult and I have it almost figured out

      A bit more about the project: I'm doing it in Visual Basic 6. I have searched the web for a good midi library that I can use to send and receive sysex messages under VB6. Since I couldn't find anything to my satisfaction, I choose to interface with Midi-OX. This is pretty easy to do. I'd prefer to do it all in one... so if anybody knows a good library or activex to to sysex in vb6....


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        Pleiadian, I applaud and thank you for going forward with this! I'd be very happy to be a tester as well. Obviously you've seen the demand out there for a TD-8 counterpart to Lee's VKitTrans and decided to take action. And I agree with ufotofu--it looks great so far. Keep up the good work in progress......
        TD-30 / SPD-SX


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          I had an pc-editor when I had the TD-7 and I missed it when playing the TD-10. Go on man. You're doing a great job.


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            Originally posted by Mick Wade:
            Obviously you've seen the demand out there for a TD-8 counterpart to Lee's VKitTrans and decided to take action
            Actually, I have never seen VKitTrans. I downloaded it, but it won't run because I don't have a TD10!

            I'm thinking of calling the program TD-M8 (TD-Mate), if that's not too lame...

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              Td-Mate sounds great, mate!

              It will do well in Australia at least

              Thanks mate, it would be an invaluable resource.


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                hi Pleiadian,
                i'm a programmer 2, so if you need any help, just let me know....
                Roy A.


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                  Wow!! That looks great!! A while back I was kicking around ideas for a stand-alone module for a PC and I wanted to use the same type of navigation bar you have on the left side.... I got the idea from my Solidworks solid modeling software. I am glad to see that concept actually being used in module software!!!! If you ever want to talk more about the stand-alone package, email me. I have a lot of ideas about the grphical interface, drag/drop graphics, etc...
                  I actually tried writing something in VB5 but was waaay over my head.

                  On the right side where you have the parameters in drop-down boxes, I had a graphical "kit". When you would highlight a "tom" or "snare" either in the navigation bar or graphically a child window would pop up with trigger parameters, efx, mix parameters, MIDI parameters, etc... THere was also global volume, efx, etc. tools.

                  I wanted to be able to drag say a snare or tom into the "kit" graphical side. I also wanted to be able to arrange them identically to the way your actual kit was setup. My idea was to include a database of all OEM kits currently available so that if yuo got a V-custom you could select that kit from the database and all trigger settings, etc would be ready to go...
                  THis software would trigger .wav files or some other compressed form. I didn't know how to bridge the gap from the pads to the PC however. There are a lot of trigger - to - midi converters out there, but I never made it that far... Anyone interested in helping out, email me!!!!!


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                    Thanks for all the kind words and offers to test TD-M8.

                    During the last week, a lot of time went into developing it further. I have rewritten most of it to make it as flexible as possible.

                    Most of the work was spent working on:

                    - Incoming sysex data. TD-M8 will continuously monitor & process incoming sysex.
                    - adding functionality to load multiple TD8 "trees". (Similar to loading multiple documents in other applications.)

                    I think it will take a few more days before I can show some new screenshots.

                    I have set up a mailing list where keep you posted about TD-M8. If you wish to join the list, just send an email to: [email protected] and put the word "subscribe" in the subject.

                    Again, thank you *very* much for all the replies.


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                      This sounds great!

                      I've just subscribed to your list and await further developments .....

                      (a TD8-KV convert)


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                        Originally posted by Bascule:
                        This sounds great! I've just subscribed to your list and await further developments ..... (a TD8-KV convert)
                        How nice of you to revive this thread, but nothing has happened with TD-M8 for quite a while.

                        Download it, try it and hopefully you'll like it... but take it as it is.



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                          I am downloading it now! will see how it goes, something I am very exited about having!



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                            Sorry, I should pay more attention to the date stamp when reading these posts!

                            Anyway, I shall certainly have a look at it.

                            Thanks again Rob.


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                              I have windows 2000, and the following error message springs up when I start TDM8.

                              "Runtime error 429. Active X component can't create object."

                              Thought you might like to know