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Looking for a Zendrum

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  • Looking for a Zendrum

    Hello all
    I am interested in getting a Zendrum in the near future and was wondering if anyone knew of a place other than the factory to get a new one i have been looking on ebay for a used one with no luck. It seems that they don't use a distibutor for there product and do it all in house. I was just wondering if anyone here had ordered one from any other place.

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    Bummer! We had a beautiful (used) one in stock recently and I ended up selling it through eBay since it wasn't selling very quickly. Other than occasionally seeing them on eBay, I am unaware of any other outlet for acquiring them reliably. They are quite fun to play with though!!

    Good luck in your search!

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      give David and Kim a shout and see what price they will do you one for first. You may get a good deal. I have a Figured Maple/Zebrawood one. Zendrum is the two of them so give them a shout on

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        Thanks for the reply's I am going to call Zendrum this week maybe to day and get a price . I was on there web page and looks like $1450 for a white one to match my kit.
        I would like and nicer finish but $ come into play also. Ed if you come across another Zen soon email me wish I would have known you had one. Mick is there a big learning curve with the zendrum and is it hard to setup I tried to download the manual from the site and it wouldn't download. Well gotta go Thanks again.
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          Re:Zendrum learning curve:
          When mine was built, David delivered it to my home himself. He said he didn't have any experience with the TD-8, so he was excited to try it out. With the factory presets, he plugged the midi cable into my TD-8 and it worked perfectly! Drums were where they were supposed to be on the Zendrum and volume and sensitivity settings were optimal. I've been able to use it without any major tweaking. I haven't made an effort to fine tune "accessory" instruments...kick, snare, HH, ride and crashes will always be where they should be when you change kits. Percussion instruments tend to move around when you change kits due to different midi # choices. I would love to go to a clinic to see different players' techniques.


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            it's pretty straightforward for a Midi novice like me.
            If you use Adobe Acrobat 5 you can download the manual.

            Still saving for a module though have a D4 and an EMU Carnival at the moment.
            Looking at an ibook with Native Instruments Battery or else an EMU ESI-2000 with Sonic Implants samples. ibook first for home/home studio stuff I think.

            Couple of new developments being worked on by David and Kim, a current Zendrum will be upgradable which is good.

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              forgot to say yesterday. I ordered a Figured Maple Zendrum and then got emailed by David to say Kim was making a special one - Figured Maple - Zebrawood centre for no extra cost. Can't complain at that.

              Seriously check with Zendrum on prices (you may be surprised) there are other colours/finishes that are not on the web-site.

    , ,Tempus Drums, Istanbul Agop, Regal Tip, Alesis DMPro, D4,Garageband, HK Powerworks PA