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New Amp possibly?

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  • New Amp possibly?

    Hey guys... while I continue to wait interminally long for the rest of my Vdrums to arrive (all together now -- GO HART GO HART GO HART! Maybe that will speed em up) I have been doing my research on amps. I have read all your posts regarding your recommendations, but for what I am going to be using, most of that is overkill. I am going to be getting a Roland KC-500. That said, I found an amp which no one seems to have a review for yet. Has anyone heard of the Behringer KX1200? Here is a link.

    Seems to be comparable to the KC-500, just not as quite as many watts, and the price is right. Anyone have any info good or bad here? I am going to be playing for small gigs and community theater stuff (venues which seat maybe 300-400). If I need power I would go thru the house system. So this is about what I need. I am pretty much sold on the KC-500 but is this a possibly cost-effective alternative?

    Thanks alot for your input. This forum has provided me the intellectual "Nicotine Patch" I need till my kit arrives. I continue to learn a lot.
    Using Hart MegaPro with Roland TD8, amped by Roland KC-500

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    I have played theater gigs the size you are speaking of and I woulden't use anything smaller than a KC-500. I had the thing cranked up and it was just enough. Had to roll some low end off as well from the distortion. Worked well though, timpani sounded great!
    V-Custom w Roland TD-8 and and Alesis DM5, DIY edrums


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      Thanks... that helps! Did the bass carry far enough thru the house?
      Using Hart MegaPro with Roland TD8, amped by Roland KC-500