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Where'd the tdw-10 kits go after I upgraded w/tdw-1

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  • Where'd the tdw-10 kits go after I upgraded w/tdw-1

    There are a couple of kits that I liked on my tdw-10...how do I retrieve them now that I've upgraded with the tdw-1. Also, if I want to make up a "custom" kit, do I need to "overwrite" one of the 50 existing kits? Is it then replaceable? Thanks in advance for your help...I am a brand new v-session owner and the manuals are not exactly to the point...
    Roland V-Session PL with tdw-1

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    Right out of the TDW-1 Manual:
    Remarks (IMPORTANT)

    When performing upgrade, ALL DATA in the TD-10 will be lost. Save your CURRENT data to the Memory Card (M-512E), or to an external MIDI sequencer (BULK DUMP) BEFORE making the upgrade. This data can be loaded back into the expanded TD-10 AFTER executing the upgrade procedure.

    You can load this data of your non-expanded TD-10 to the new expanded TD-10 after executing the upgrade procedure.

    Data from an upgraded/expanded TD-10 can NOT be used by a non-expanded TD-10.

    The expanded TD-10 will not work if you remove the TDW-1 after performing the upgrade.

    You cannot restore the expanded TD-10 to the non-expanded TD-10.
    And if you want to know how to restore the original preset (factory) kits, read page 117 of the TD-10 manual.

    Any TD-10 customized kits are toast.

    YES, you have to overwrite one of the 50 kits if you want to customize one.

    Now promise you will read your manual every day. Have a good time with your new toy. I don't charge much for this advice. Just send me your V-cymbals.
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      Yes, I like that feature.
      Overwriting kits, yet still being able to access them all.


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        Must..... hold......back (groan)...... from ...... replying....... Too ....... much ....... to ...... resist (struggle)...... can't ....... do ........ it (strain)...... must .... flame ..... jluce.

        You are the 50,001 person to ask this question!!!! Now, assuming you are not a troll (and given the title of the thread, I think you may well be), please follow the good Dr's advice and learn how to use the SEARCH

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