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Seat thumper any good?

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  • Seat thumper any good?

    Thinking of getting a seat thumper, but is it worth it? Tried 2 x 25 watt Aura thumpers but not power full enough. Before spending any more $ anyone using a thumper, how do you like it and does it wok as good as advertised? Thanks.

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    Never heard of it...I'm assuming some type of monitor? Who makes it?
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      50 watts directly into an object is A LOT I'd say make sure it's mounted securely.. you want them attached to a hard surface, and very tight.. and check the amps that came with them, some of the settings are strange. I had 2 hooked up to my throne, and they would give me a headache from the bass kicks, and the amps weren't even near clipping. It probably has the same brain trauma effect as rollercoasters.


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        There's GOT to be a way to work in hot chili a/or a gay bar into this thread...
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