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broken bass drum pedal (kd 7, i believe)

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  • broken bass drum pedal (kd 7, i believe)

    Hello all, i have a question about a broken kick drum pedal, which i believe is the kd-7 model. its from a td-7 equiped set, so this sounds correct. anyways, it stopped working the other day, and i took it apart and there's a little circular metal disk in there w/ 2 wires connected to it(well, both wires are supposed to be connected to it, i guessed. one was off); one on the outer portion of the disk, and one in the middle. i tried re-soldering these on, and putting it back together, and no luck. the pedal still doesn't work. is there anything else i have to do? maybe i screwed something up? currently, the disk isn't connected to anything but the wires. should i glue it to the pad, or .... any help is greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.
    dan simundza

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    The ceramic in the sensor is probably cracked so ou need a new one, I think Roland charges $5.00 for them, just give them a call and order a new one.
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      Don't pay $5.00 for 1 trigger! Go to radio shack or search an online electronics store for piezeo's. They shouldn't run you more than $1.50 a piece. Good luck.
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