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Best price and service for buying acoustics

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  • Best price and service for buying acoustics

    Hi guys,
    I as of last night sold my maple custom set and I am fielding offers from some stores via phone and fax.
    I am asking for places that I may have not considered yet. Now price is important ,however, I don't mind paying a little more for a good connection and solid service I can count on.

    I look forward to all of your input, but don't wait too long! I have to do this very soon.
    The original Gig Pig.

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    Maybe a bit far away but Forks Drum Closet in Nashville may be woth checking out.


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      Thanks guys,
      I did mean online by the way, and I have had very good service with midwest before.
      I also called aj's and long island drum center and I think I called 2112 too, so far I have got some nice pricing and will be cutting a check to one of them.
      I'll look at interstate next.
      The original Gig Pig.


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        Thanks for your reply (and all your helpful and thoughtful comments on vdrums.com).

        I already get a few from many, including Interstate.

        After speaking with a few stores I think I am going with Aj's Pro Percussion.

        Don and later Aj were very helpful and not in a hurry to get off the phone with me even after a few calls.

        Midwest has got some of the best prices ,but the loooooong hold times and the rather monotone sales people offering nor much advice or opinion have left me looking for a new relationship with a store.

        Today I am ordering my first brand new kit in 24 years, though I have owned at least ten sets, well I guess my e's were new..lol so my first new a's in that long.

        Now, before I pull the trigger, anyone have any horrible experiences with Aj's ?

        You have till 9:30 am EST..........

        The original Gig Pig.


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          I live very close to AJ's Pro Percussion. These guys are the coolest people I have ever met in retail. I highly reccomend them!!!! BTW, what are you ordering if you don't mind me asking?


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            Don't mind at all.

            I just won a spirit snare from ebay and now I am ordering a set of maple custom absolutes in the vintage finish.
            14x14 floor tom (sick of hanging toms)
            bags and hard case for the snare

            I will be getting a new crash as soon as i decide what will compliment my current set up.
            And maybe a new double pedal.

            Thanks for the heads up on them, I spoke with AJ last night and he was very nice even though the store was closed.
            He understands that without customers he will be looking for a job.

            The original Gig Pig.


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              I'm surprised you don't try Daddy's in Manchester, N.H. instead of dealing with a shop in Florida.
              Or even Jack's drum shop in Boston.
              This way you could pick them up yourself and save on shipping costs.
              You can't go wrong with Yamaha's absolute line.


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                Daddy's 'es caca.

                Well,there is no way they will match the price and I have never found them to be friendly at all.

                Also, I am ordering a custom set so it wouldn't get there any faster than it would to my house.

                I call all around the country and look for customer service and a reliable owner.

                Boston? even though it's only 2 hours for me and I play in town a lot, after the gas and parking and my time? $40.00 for shipping to my porch is way groovy
                ( I drive a Suburban)

                I love waking up and knowing in a couple hours my old bass player will be donning his brown uniform and struggling up my path with my precious cargo.

                I pick up the phone and save lots of my hard earned money... to buy more gear with, yes.. I am a junkie, there. I said it.

                I feel so much better now.

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                The original Gig Pig.