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does anyone do this?? virtual bands?

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  • does anyone do this?? virtual bands?

    With high spede internet connections and computer multitracking I was thinking how it would be fun to create songs by people doing individual tracks and then passing them along to anothre musician

    For example, A drummer creates a drum track and sends it to a guitar player who creates a guitar track and then both goto a bass player etc...

    Is there a web site for doing this or has anyone heard of people doing this? It sound like fun

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    Try the rocket network...


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      I took a look at rocketnetwork.. looks too complex for me.. I was thinking simply host a ftp site that 3 or 4 people use to trade wav/mp3 files back and forth. And all 3 or 4 people would have cool edit for example to sync up thier part for the song.

      For example, I have some songs I have made and have done all the instruments but I would like to find a good drummer to take the song and re do the drum track and send it to me then I could add all the other parts and make it a complete song.

      I would think there would be people doing the same sort of thing out there