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  • VDrum Cases

    I find it very humorous (and frustrating) that obtaining cases for transporting VDrums (Hart triggers, Roland TD8, V Custom, etc.) appears to be an afterthought to the makers of the kits. If Roland or Hart doesn't want to invest manufacturing resources to this end, it seems they should outsource it to one of the case makers. I know I can buy "custom" cases, or cases which will work, but why can't I simply purchase a "Hart MegaPro Kit Case" or a "Roland TD8 Case"? Am I being overly anal here?

    I spent over $2500 on E-Drums and would really love to know that I could transport them with relative safety without having to both re-finance my house and get my son an extra paper route in order to afford custom cases.

    BTW: I do know that Roland does have a VCustom case... but what about a case for the TD8 by itself? Just a thought... Hopefully this is a "Hmmmmm" type thing for Mr. Hart.

    Thanks for reading.
    Using Hart MegaPro with Roland TD8, amped by Roland KC-500

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    Check Beato Bags. They have a three piece case set for V for the module, one for the rack and one for the drums....hart stuff works fine in there....
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      Regarding your case post, the manufacturer "SKB" makes a hardshell case for the entire V-Pro kit. I'm sure if you check with them, they probably have one for the Custom Kit as well...

      As for the TD-8 module, try a double pistol case or hardsided attache case. I've also seen people use ATA-type cases for transporting the module.

      Good Luck!!!


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        I'm playing the Hart Pro Series (8", 10", 12", 13" SD, and Kick plus Hart ECYMBAL II's. Do you know that the Beato bags will work with these drums?




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          Thanks for the input. However, though Beato Bags and other case manufacturers provide an alternative, I would find a sense of comfort if the case was specifically designed for the Hart triggers (i.e. approved by Hart). And why shouldn't I be able to find a nice small case, foam lined, called a "Roland TD8 carrying case"? That's the gist of my post. I will survive without them, but again I find it ironic that these sensitive electronic instruments don't either a) come with carrying cases (you don't buy a saxophone without one) or b) have the exact case(s) available for purchase (other than Roland's cases previously mentioned).

          Not a complaint (Hell, I haven't even received my Hart Triggers yet), just a small observation. See what happens when you are forced to wait? You get bored, you post!
          Using Hart MegaPro with Roland TD8, amped by Roland KC-500


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            Look at the hard airline travel cases for golf clubs. Line it with foam and use foam inserts in between.