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Jimmy Chamberlin last nite LiVE in Chicago....a review

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  • Jimmy Chamberlin last nite LiVE in Chicago....a review

    I had an opportunity last nite to score a VIP pass to a ZWAN show, the newest incarnation of the now defunked Smashing Pumpkins, featured Billy Corgan, 2 new guitarists and a bass player, with Jimmy Chamberlin on drums...

    Pretty aweinspiring to watch JC flail away on his green glo Yamaha acoustic kit with his "JC" signature bass drum head ala Gene Krupa, and an odd array of mounted toms with two floor toms...

    It made me want to go back home and practice my rudiments...what I heard was a lot of really great rock drumming based on basic snare drum rudiments....(of course, at times performed at triple speed)....

    A lot of the rock solid timing I noticed was based upon a constant riding of the foot on the hihat...at times even more so than the kick...

    They did a cover of the Kinks "You really go me"....with JC breaking into what seemed like quadruple snare rolls during the choruses...incredible...

    I would say, based upon what I saw, JC may qualify as one of the top 2 or 3 rock drummers working today.....

    Did actually get invited to the post concert bash and got a chance to meet Jimmy....not a big dude, but looks like a middleweight boxer...after I shook his hand I wanted to pull it off and attach it to my wrist....(just kidding)....

    three hours of of high powered kick ass rock and roll drumming, with an occasional foray into a lighter intricate jazz style stick work with snare,toms and hihat....


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    I'm soooo jealous!!! I wish I could've seen it. JC's one of my fave drummers and I've been studying some of his stuff from the smashing pumpkins dvd. I hope the new project with them comes to my town sometime.
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      shoot some junk, get someone killed,every one loves you? oh yes about the music zzzzzzzzzz(the sound of me sleeping)


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        Originally posted by cpgrossman:
        shoot some junk, get someone killed,every one loves you?
        If you discounted all the great players of our time because they did drugs, you'd be dismissing some of the greateast players that ever lived....

        I'm not all that concerned about someone's drug habits....as to whether or not "someone got killed"....?? None of us where there so its a mute point...

        I was merely commenting on the man's technical ability as a drummer, since this is a drum forum....It was a pretty awesome thing to see...

        When I told someone about the show I attended, they said "Billy Corgan, he sucks man!! He should be killed".... In a lot of cases I believe jealousy is masked as hate...

        To each there own....

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          ........or tallentlessnes masked as stupidity.


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            what is the differnce between billy silly,jimmy drugfest and my self dept: I own my masters, no one tells me who can make my t-shirts and i get 100% of the money,I get 100% of song/airplay money,i dont pay for broken 78's, i.e i give NO MONEY TO THE MUSIC BIZZZ.


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              C'mon CP, are you saying that given the chance to become an instant millionaire you would turn it down? I don't respect the music industry any more than you do, but I reckon I'd trade jobs with this guy in a second.

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