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sliding pedals

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  • sliding pedals

    I am looking for a solution. I recently purchased a V-Club set. I like it alot. However, the bass (KD7)and hi-hat pedals keep "walking " away. I have them wired to my throne but this is a hassle. Does anyone have a solution to this problem of pedals moving away ?

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    Try some velcro strips...quick and easy.
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      Originally posted by Jimmy C:
      Try some velcro strips...quick and easy.
      Mine came with velcro strips and I never had a problem with sliding. Did you use what came with the kit? (Possible dumb question but,) are you using a carpet?
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        A currently have them on carpet. Short pile shag carpet....The typical style carpet found in the U.S. Velcro does not adhere to this stuff. What type of carpet are you using ? I would like to buy another piece of carpet, but I need something Velcro would stick to. Also the rubber ends of the stands keep sliding off. I love these things but I'm afraid to perform with them they seem to self distruct as I'm playing them.
        (I have tried wiring the bass pedal to the frame)The whole kit started to move and come apart!


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          Hi Fleeteedo

          Welcome aboard.

          You have two problems working against you.

          First, you need a better carpet, like what you will find on the East Coast.

          Living out West, you are in the seventh circle of Shag, which is wild, colorful and free, but perhaps a tad rough - and cut way, way too short by any civilzed standards of floor coverings.

          The second problem is more difficult to conquer. I know what you are going through ---I, too suffer from Sliding Uncontrolled Carpet Kinetic Syndrome, or S.U.C.K.S. for short.

          Often at gigs, sympathetic audience members will come up and express their concern by saying "Man, it must be hard to be in a band when your playing S.U.C.K.S. so bad".

          It's hard enough keeping up with your kit, let alone the rest of the band, as you chase your pedals and drums about the stage, careening about the broken stands, racks, exploded shells, shattered heads and all.

          "Horizontal Speed is what you Need" and putting casters on everything is the solution. No matter how fast your pedals and rack slide away, you will always be 5-10 MPH faster with RocketCasters on your throne.

          And for E-kits, the new 'LectroCasters with Velocity-Vectoring Technology are the cats meow.

          Seriously, get a better carpet.

          Immensely powerful yet with a liquid cat-quick elegance


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            Cool. I thought I was the only one who S.U.C.K.S that bad. I don't feel alone now.
            Gabe Kangas
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              After playing an acoustic set for 25 years on the same type of carpet (the 70's were so cool) This may sound like a real basic question but, What kind of carpet are the other people out there using to stop the pedals from moving around ? Short of wireing your kit to your throne.


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                Get loop pile carpet. Cut and twist pile (and the extreme shag pile) just don't cut it. Velcro utilises a 'hook and loop' system. For best results the carpet should act as the 'loop' for the velcro 'hook'

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                , plenty of , and , , triggered acoustics, , and a plethora of PA blah blah freakin blah...I mean does anyone care about the specifics of pedals, speakers, processors, hardware or anything that I'm using?? :confused: Hmmm, maybe this is an appropriate place to mention that I tried out a new cymbal stand the other day...


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                  For a carpet I use an industrial rubber backed floor mat 3' x 5'. Works great.

                  As for sliding pedals: My AXIS bass pedal has the worlds best velcro. It usually takes 2 rodies and a midget to help me pry the pedal off the carpet after a gig.

                  Now my HH pedal and second bass pedal (Pearl P101P) would still slide occasionally. The metal spikes are only good for poking holes in your hands (IMHO). I solved the problem by making a template cutout which is held in place by the two left legs on my VPro frame. It is 3/8" press board which I cut angled cutouts for back of the pedals to slide into. Painted it high gloss black. Works like a dream - perfect pedal placement every time, and NO sliding!!
                  Driving a great song is better than driving a great car!!



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                    I use a piece of cheapo indoor outdoor carpet. You don't attach the velcro to the carpet but use the hook part of the velcro and attach it to the pedal. The hooks will then catch the carpet. As for the shag, man, it is 2002 you know.


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                      OK guys, Flooring is not my thing ! There are two types of floors, Carpeted and un-carpeted. I admit that's the extent of my flooring knowledge.

                      I do want to thank you guys for helping me out on this. The solution was quite simple. I bought a package of velcro and took it with me to Home depot and stuck to a selection of carpets. The indoor/outdoor carpet worked great ! Rolled it out, set my kit on it and I am ROCKIN ! Now it take some effort to get my pedals off the floor ! It's been great, I appreciate everone's suggestions. I have learned alot cruisin this site. Keep the pots on !