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Moog Percussion Controller??

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  • Moog Percussion Controller??

    So... what is this thing? It looks like it could be the first proper electronic drum.

    Any info?


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    I don't know if this is the same model, but I saw a Moog e-drum pad on eBay once. I saved the pictures and copy pasted the text to a .txt file. Here it is:

    This is a rare Moog 1130 Drum Trigger Controller, made to interface with Moog synthesizers such as the
    Minimoog, Sonic Six and others that include onboard Accessory power jacks. From the manual:

    "The 1130 Drum Controller is a drum which is modified with extensive electronic circuitry. It
    produces triggers (both "S" and "V") and discrete contril voltage changes each time the head is
    struck. (It) is an electro-acoustical transducer that produces a short trigger and a control voltage
    change when the drum head is struck."

    And the pics:

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      I had one. the trigger inside was a speaker.Mine was older as it had ludwig lugs and a slightly differnt paint job. It did some nice tricks (for its time)filter sweep,clock run, and the classic disco sounds.there was another e-drum around the same time called impact. (i saw it before the moog,around 1973)It looked liked upside down lamp shades (silver) with light brown bakelite playing surfaces. there were 3 drums. out of the two the moog gave you more and better sounds. I also hurd of a italian full drumset called hollywood around 1969-71.