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Roland Customer Service?

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  • Roland Customer Service?

    Hello - I've had my V-Drums and PM-3 for only about 6 months... The other day, my PM-3 pretty much "died"... I had purchased the PM-3 from Musician's friend who told me that they only provide a 3 month warranty and I should contact Roland...

    When I did, they told me they would fix it, but that I had to ship it back to them... As you may know - the PM-3 system weighs over 85 pounds! It cost me $100 to ship - and I feel it is unreasonable for Roland to expect a customer to pay for shipping when the product is only 6 months old...

    Has anyone else had any experiences like this? What is your opinion on whether shipping should be covered in a case like this?



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    Welcome to the world of Roland USA. Sorry to hear about your bad luck.


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      Originally posted by Jgel:
      Sorry to hear about your bad luck....
      Yeah, bad luck you bought the PM-3!!!

      If you really jump up and down and keeping telling everyone at Roland that you want to speak to their superior, they may (unlikely, but what have you got to lose?) reimburse you.

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        That's pretty par for the course with most every warranty situation with any company. Is there not an authorized service center in a city near you? I count 22 in PA on the Roland US website.


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          This probally dosent matter-but Ill say it anyway-1 month into my purchase of the PM-3-both of my small mounted speakers blew-Then a week later I had to replace the sub-ROLAND took care of the mounted speakers pretty fast-but the still sounded shakey-I was not running any power amps or nothing-I dropped a new 10inch in the sub cab-I used a 500watt max-CERWIN VEGA and it has never sounded better-I also reinforced the cab with insulation-the bass is clean and fresh-I will just go to a local audio store soon and replace the small speakers-Overall this set up is chezzy and not made that well-thanks for listening to my rant!

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