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iron cobra vs pearl eliminator

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  • iron cobra vs pearl eliminator

    I do a research about a double pedal.I am looking to buy either the pearl eliminator or Iron Cobra(.I would like to order one of these pedals.
    Please write me your opinon( positive or negative )for these two pedals.which of the two has more light sense.which of them has the best response? ,which oh them has better stability?which is the most durable?

    (I play metal)

    please respond me quickly because i have no much time to think about it.


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    I like the idea of the Eliminator becuase you can change the feel with the plastic pieces, but I bought a Tama Iron Cobra Rolling glide instead and never had a problem with it.

    Love the feel of my smooth and direct.

    Not what you like in pedals feel wise, but the cobras "feel" fast. ( that has partially to do with setup, I was able to get a very similar feel from the eliminator) I didn't like the massive beater on the eliminators...

    Overall for me the best choice was the cobra double. Play them both and make your own decision though.

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      I actually have both the elims and ic power glides. I ended up using the ics for my bass drums and used one of my elims for a cowbell

      In my oppion they are both really nice and you would be fine with either. I do think the ic is perhaps a little more solid, both are real smooth. I don't really think the adjustability of the cam is that big a deal really. once you know what you like you probably won't change it much, at least I wouldn't.


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        Good point about the cams.

        Usually once you find the feel that is right for your foot and playing never really change the cam again. It's possible you might decide you want a different feel, but most just leave it alone.

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          If you go with the Cobra's they lock in with the Cobra's hat stand with a little $6 dollar metal piece for zero slippage.
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            I like my Pearl Eliminator. To me it felt smoother quicker than the Tama. But I guarantee you there are many people who feel the exact opposite way. It's a very personal thing.

            Quality wise I don't think you can go wrong with either, as long as you are not talking about the low-end ones.


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              I dont believe in constantly adjusting these things. You never seem to get any where. Your always wondering what it will feel like if you change this or that. I dont know about eliminators. I got Cobra Power Gluide Double and apart from adjusting the spring tensions up slightly, im using them as they came out of the case and love them.


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                I like the Pearl...true once you find the right cam there's no need to swap but the variety of feel is a big plus to one who's not sure what the perfect pedal feels like. I change the cams depending on kick for KD5/7 and one fore vertical diy mesh kicks.
                chris :D


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                  The Eliminator........because, being an old Speed King user, (Ludwig not only invented the BD pedal, for years they had the only adjustable one), there is a lot to be said for being able to adjust the "feel" of a pedal, 'till you find your ideal. I also have found at least 3 different cams suitable to my playing style, when I switch from rock to light jazz, or even soft & mellow pop. Changing an Eliminator cam takes 2 seconds, while ****ing with the tension & positioning takes much longer.

                  Myke C.


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                    Originally posted by grohl View Post
                    I would like to order one of these pedals.
                    which of the two has more light sense.which of them has the best response? ,which oh them has better stability?which is the most durable? (I play metal)
                    please respond me quickly because i have no much time to think about it.
                    ok, i played an eliminator p2002 belt, red cams too, but would you
                    order an unknown brand of sticks on-line ? (bad example: too cheap)
                    you might not like the elim ? though i must admit the chance of
                    finding the right settings on an eliminator is high (cams, powershifter,
                    unlocked beater angles, etc). But i've played lighter action pedals.
                    Iron cobra has a lot of adjustable features too, good action.
                    for a pedal i'd go to a store who has both and go back and forth on
                    them, changing similar settings, see how those settings feel on both
                    brands.. because like sticks a pedal is also very personal, imo.
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                      Iron Cobra all the way.


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                        Which of the three do you suggest me: power glide, rolling glide or eliminator? which is more smooth?


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                          My opinion?

                          Buy either of these two fine double pedals, in any configuration (powerglide/rollingglide, eliminator widgets), and with practise you will adapt to the differences and idiosynchrosies of it and enjoy it as a natural part of your kit. You won't be disappointed with either of them if, once you make the purchase, you put all the research and second-guessing aside and just play play play!

                          I have the Iron Cobra power glide. Love it. Never played the Eliminator, to be honest. I was sold on the Iron Cobra back when I was a novice drummer in college and a friend's band played with an Iron Cobra and DAMN was that guy fast and great!

                          (Another soapbox moment) But you now what? I had a $100 cheapie Network brand double pedal before my hiatus from drumming (and my resurgence and purchase of the TD-20 and Iron Cobra) and I played that sucker played just as fast and as well as the Iron Cobra now - albeit with a bit more wobble and squeek (the iron cobra is much more rock-solid). In the end, it's the drummer that does what they do, the equipment is just an extension of the drummer.