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Buying from overseas... SEPdrums?

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  • Buying from overseas... SEPdrums?

    Does anyone know anything about the rules and regulations of buying equipment from the States? I live in Norway, and I've been looking into getting a Hart or Pintech set, either new or used... But what stops me is there seems to be noone around who knows what customs, taxes and such will cost me, the only thing I can get an estimate on is shipping.

    Since none of these companies (Hart and Pintech) have dealers in Norway (or for that matter, in Europe at all), any answer on this would be greatly appreciated. On paper, equipment is cheaper in the States than over here, but it all depends on what I'd have to pay to get it past the border...


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    Wembley Drum Centre in London do Pintech and maybe Hart too.

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      Originally posted by MustangMick:
      Wembley Drum Centre in London do Pintech and maybe Hart too.

      Wembley only do Pintech, there seems to be no Hart dealer in Europe.

      As for buying from the states I would think it would be the same as the UK regs due to Europe and all that .........

      hopefully this artical will help http://www.hmce.gov.uk/public/shopping/shopping.htm

      as to how much you will pay I have no idea but you tax office should be able to tell you a %



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        Thanks for the link

        Does anyone know if there's tax and VAT on used items as well?