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HUGE HART DYNAMICS KIT with Roland TD8 and Alesis DM5 for sale

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  • HUGE HART DYNAMICS KIT with Roland TD8 and Alesis DM5 for sale

    I’m selling my huge electronic setup because I just got engaged and have to move quickly to another state. The kit started out as a Hart Dynamics Studio BX with upright kick upgrade, then added more drums, more cymbals, more rack hardware, a second module...
    Kit description:
    7 Series X Acupads - 4 studio, 3 Pro (chrome finish)
    1 Acusnare Series X (chrome)
    1 Acupad Studio Series X upright bass drum (black)
    4 EcymbalX crashes
    2 EcymbalX splashes
    2 EcymbalX hi hats
    1 EcymbalX ride
    1 Epedal hi hat control pedal
    1 Roland TD8 module (mount included)
    1 Alesis DM5 module (mount included)
    1 Humes&Berg padded Snare Drum gig bag
    All necessary cables
    Complete Hart Ultilite rack system to mount everything:
    · 5 3’ rack tubes
    · 2 2’ rack tubes
    · 3 foot assemblies
    · 6 right angle clamps
    · 17 tom/cymbal holder clamps
    · 7 cymbal holders
    · snare stand
    Pictures available:
    (Note: pictures show Gibraltar rack-kit does NOT include this rack. Kit includes expanded Hart Dynamics Ultilite rack.)
    Everything is in great condition. Kit is now disassembled in its original boxes. Cost me $3200+ - I'm asking $2750 for everything-this includes everything you need for a serious electronic drum setup including an almost new Pearl Eliminator double bass drum pedal and throne! Check out comparable prices online and you’ll see that this kit is worth $5000 easily. First $3000 takes it all.
    Located in Boston, MA area. Local pickup preferred but will ship at buyer’s expense. Email me privately if you’re interested at [email protected]

    Manufacturer links:

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    Post it in the classifieds section of this forum then!


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      Damn. I must say that's a nice looking monster kit, & a bargain for what's included! Good Luck in your selling it, Dude!

      Are you retiring from drumming because you're getting married tho'?!

      Thanx. Alex & me V's!
      Thanx. Alex & me V's!


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        Aha! Is that a Dream Theater poster i spy? Why, yes it is! What a band, what a drummer. What a kit you've got there!



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          Wasn't this kit sold through the Mike Portnoy forum a while back? Are you the new owner, reselling it?


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            HI all - thanks for the interest. To answer some questions, I bought this kit last fall from Forum member BWherry, who had been advertising it on here (it's actually his Dream Theater poster you're seeing - but I do think Mike Portnoy is an absolute MONSTER player). I've been playing it a few times a week and like I said, it has to go unfortunately due to a move to a smaller place. But I'm not giving up on drumming - so you can all rest easy. :-) The kit's in great shape - and I'm looking to move it soon, so ALL reasonable offers will be considered!