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Anybody High-Hattin'?

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  • Anybody High-Hattin'?

    I'm away from my kit, but wondering if I actually had a useful idea?

    Has anyone set up a kit where you use the high-hat pedal to modulate the instrument on a pad other than the high-hat pad?

    This seems like a very cool way to multiply the available voices on a kit, not just a special effect they threw in on some kits.

    I think you can set up more than 1 pad per kit to utilize this feature, and yet still retain the normal function of the pedal at all times to actually play your high-hat.

    If you had, say, 1 pad for a timbale, you could now get at least two easily repeatable timbale sounds, just by fully opening, then fully closing the high-hat pedal.

    By using the whole travel of the pedal, you get into talking drum territory.

    One would think almost any percussion instrument, ride cymbal bells, etc might work out pretty well.

    Is anybody using this feature already, or am I so bright my Mother should call me son?
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    This is only available on the expanded TD-10. I haven't had my TDW-1 card long enugh to play with it a lot, but, it's pretty cool. It will work with about any sound I would guess...at least it did all of the sounds I tried. You can set it to either bend up or bend down. There are some cool aplications you could do with the snare to make an extra punchy sound by having it pitch up for that extra crack. Like I said, I haven't got to play with it a whole lot.
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      Actually, I have the TD8 and it works on that. I have one set that almost all of the pads are set to this feature. It's pretty cool to raise the pitch of the whole drumset all at once.
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