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Axis or DW

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  • Axis or DW

    I am currently looking at getting a nice shiny new double bass pedal, and i think i have narrowed it down to two choices:

    DW5002TD or AXIS A2.

    Looking at the Axis pedal, it seems somewhat flimsy; as though it might break after a few days use. It looks, lightweight from the photos:

    Compared with the chunky Drum Workshop pedal. Any advice on which to go with?

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    I own DW, but the Axis pedals are the coolest pedals on the planet. They are, I believe, machined from billets of metal - they look like they were custom made for NASA for the Hubble Space Telescope.

    With reasonable care, it appears they will last for a hundred years.

    Folks who are into double kick say they are the fastest, smoothest thing out there since Pamela Lee Anderson and only a few dollars less expensive.
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      I can't vouch for the Pamela Anderson comment. My impression was that she was pretty cheap. However, I do have one DW7000 pedal. I play barefoot. The pedal is designed with raised insignia on the foot board and pegs/spikes on the heel board. These things KILL my feet. I ended up wrapping the boards with tape so they don't hurt my feet. The action feels pretty loose. I prefer my Pearl pedal though.

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        I say go with the Axis! I've owned 3 sets of DW double pedals from 1991, 1995, & now the 5002AH in 2001. I just went with the old tried & true standby out of habit. I am totally happy with them. Don't you get me wrong now, Boi (j/k)!

        The Axis are different tho' & I'm sure perform just as well (maybe even better?!)! Let us know what ya' get.

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        Thanx. Alex & me V's! http://photos.yahoo.com/flexapr


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          I have a DW5000 double turbo.. It plays well...but where the unversal joits of the double pedal connect to the main pedal section seems to be loose and worn...Feels pretty chinsy IMO... I wouldnt mind trying an Axis.


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            Thanks a lot everyone. Yeah, i am intending to use the pedal for my e's. Should (with any luck) be kicking a nice new KD-120, or at the least a KD-80. I will get the guy from the store to get some in - he mentioned he was going to try and get some a few weeks ago, and i am waiting to try before i buy. I am used to slightly heavier pedals, so i do want a test run before buy, but (looking at the page in further detail) as though the axis are just the job.

            Thanks again,



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              I've had the Axis A double pedal for almost a year now, and being a previous DW user I can share my thoughts on both. I was a bit skeptical on first viewing of the Axis (i hadn't seen a drive system like that since the Ludwig Speed King). Both the DW and the Axis are top notch systems, there are things that each one does better than the other. For instance, the DW is just an extremely well thought out pedal. As always, DW has done their homework and learned what drummers want from a pedal. One thing they've added to their pedals is the off-center bass drum clamp. This is a great feature for those who have to setup and tear down a lot. Also, the spring tension adjusters on the DW are well designed and easy to use. However, I've felt that even though the DW is not a "heavy" pedal, it IS heavy when compared to the Axis. The Axis can be played effortlessly. So, I think that in the past that DW has had the lock on the high end pedal market. That has changed with the introduction of great pedals like the Axis and Tama's Iron Cobra. So on the durability front, the Axis and DW are pretty equal IMHO. So if you're looking for ease of adjustment and setup, go for the DW. If you're just looking for the best feeling (maybe not the most powerful) pedal out there go for the Axis.



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                hey jude.er i mean mr.c....have you tried a longer beater or adjustment of the sort to get more power from the axis?sometimes dumb questions have to be asked.....
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                  I've tried every double kick pedal that I've ever seen because I'm obsessive and all I do is play double kick.
                  I would never buy any pedal from now on that wasn't an Axis, especially for Electronics.

                  c. jude is dead on, the Axis pedals aren't for people that want to hammer the sh|t out of the drums, but for speed and precision, they are absolutely unparalleled.

                  I have a friend that purchased an Axis and I had the opportunity to try it for an extended period of time. What I found was a well-built peice of equipment that is endlessly tweakable in terms of adjustment - way more than any other pedal I've ever seen. You could tweak this thing for hours if you wanted.
                  It is to date the closest pedal I've tried in terms of being able to have the slave pedal feel just like the master pedal. This has always been a pet peeve of mine and has been an issue with almost every pedal I've ever tried. The first and last double-kick pedal I owned (ludwig) was horrible and messed up my technique so badly that I literally had to re-learn how to play certain things when I finally purchased a double bass kit. It was a mess.

                  The Axis pedal is much more expensive, but worth every penny in my estimation.



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                    Good point there, c. jude. If the pedals don't swing equally, they won't feel equal when playing. I like the Axis pedals too, but I wish I had bought the Axis A series instead of the X -- the A series is a bit more adjustable, no?
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                      Awesome set c.jude!

                      I've tried the Axis as well (at GC) and I think it is the ultimate E-drum pedal. I plan on buying one shortly. From your picture, it looks as though that your left is a longboard? Do you recommend buying the longboard option for the A series?



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                        Interesting. Now there's a neat technique! For example, if you were playing the hi-hat on 2 and 4, then could alternating the heel of the left bass pedal add ghost notes for a unique style? Perhaps during a fill. Or is it accurate enough to play a groove?