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Recording while using Mackie/JBL speaker - HELP!

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  • Recording while using Mackie/JBL speaker - HELP!

    Hi, I was wondering how people who have either the Mackie SRM450 or the JBL EON15 G2 record while still using the speaker output? Is it as simple as connecting the output of the speaker into the recorder? Is it better to connect one Master Output of the TD-10 to the Speaker and the other Master Output directly to a recorder?
    Also, I see the JBL has two different inputs, one XLR and two 1/4". What's the difference between those two? The Mackie only has the XLR input. Does that make a difference?
    Thanks for looking and any advice you can give me.

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    Hi Tully,

    Tough question! I never use my output from the G2s for recording. I only use the G2s for live play with the group.

    The XLR I think is a low impedence input that enables you to carry a mike signal over long distances. I use the 1/4" jacks that take output from my TD8.

    I suppose if everyone in your group mixed into a G2, then perhaps the output could go directly into a recorder and get everybody.

    Sorry, hope this helps a little!