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Some Advice ? Please

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  • Some Advice ? Please

    Hi all I am new to this board. Dont have a set of electronic drums yet but am shopping/dreaming.
    I know this is primarily a V Drums site but I wondered if you guys would entertain a question about another brand. I have only played a vdrum set a couple of times and loved them. I have been keeping my eyes open for a while now but it seems any of these sets are out of my price range. I had heard good things about Hart Dynamics products and see that musiciansbuy has the Prodigy DVC with Roland TD6 module on for 939.00. http://www.musiciansbuy.com/hart_dyn...gy_drumset.htm

    Do you guys think this would be a good set for a newbie with limited playing experience
    I like the idea of real looking drums and cymbals as opposed to the rubber pads you can get on some of the cheaper sets.

    Any input would be appreciated.

    thanks Wogdom

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    Thanks for your input c.jude
    I have just started trying to narrow the choices down. Your input was appreciated


    Originally posted by c. jude:
    I think that is an excellent choice based on the criteria you indicate. Sorry, I don't have more to say than that. The TD-6 is IMO the best value for in a good module. I prefer mesh and frankly prefer the Hart double plys to almost everthing. The stuff will work great together and it is a nice package at a great price.

    Maybe some will recommend alternative cymbals as an upgrade down the road, but honestly, the ones shown are not bad either.

    Like I said, excellent choice. I would recommend it (and have) to anyone looking to get in anywhere near that price range.