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Off topic again - read if you are bored

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  • Off topic again - read if you are bored

    So I am listening to the new Hoobastank song "Crawling in the Dark"....about 31 seconds into the song I hear it...a classic double trigger on a bass drum.... I have never heard this on a professional recording, and my ears are always tuned into analyzing drum sounds on just about every song I ever listen to...(kinda making me schitzo...)..

    Man, I feel like a real technoweenie, but I am suprised to hear that on a drum track, expecially with things like Protools or Cubase... Is it just me?? Anyone else here even ever heard of Hoobastank??

    Ever heard a professional song with edrum f---ups?

    Lemme know.


    [This message has been edited by sepdrums (edited March 23, 2002).]

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    I dunno what version you have been listening to, but in the one i've got, there is nothing. Plus there was no double triggering when i saw them live. You might be confusing it with the beat, it has two really quick bass drums in a row, which i guess could be taken for double triggering... i dunno.



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      Ah ha your a technoweenie.........