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mixing brains and pads

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  • mixing brains and pads

    is there any downside from using a ddrum4 brain with a Roland VDrumkit? or basically mixing any of the various brains(alesis,roland, ddrum) with the many different trigger pads that are available(roland, ddrum, hart dynamics)?
    should i be concerned with trigger response?

    also does anyone know of a store in NYC or Phili that has all of these products so that I may demo each of them?


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    The biggest problem you will face is the cymbals and snare.

    For istance I've tried a Roland PD-120 on my ddrum and I couldn't get a head and rim sound without about 80% crosstalk.

    Ddrum cymbal pads use one trigger for pos. sensing, which is essential when playing ride/bell. Roland uses two triggers inside one pad for a two zone ride.

    And of course each company has it's own hihat controller.

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      4johnny, the other problem you will have is polarity. Roland reverses the polarity on many of its products (could this be the source of the crosstalk?) to avoid people combining their components with their competition.

      If you find that you are having this problem after you buy a variety of parts, I would say the easiest thing to do would be buy a polarity inverter. The other option would be, if you are using a Roland module with non-roland heads, open up the 1/4" jack and rewire the TRS. This should do it. If you are using a Roland pad with a non-Roland module, same applies.

      BTW I've heard anecdotally that some older Roland products are NOT-polarity-inverted, making them difficult to use with their latest gear. Check up on this if you are going to buy any old stuff. Good luck.