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I found out something about the V-Drums just now...

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  • I found out something about the V-Drums just now...

    I have a full V-Session kit with 2 extra PD-9 pads for splash and china cymbals, as some of you know. (...and probably have forgotten! Hey, it has been a while, hasn't it? )

    Anyway, I was just messing around with my V's just now (literally just now... My V's are in front of my computer), and I found out that if you hit the rim and head of any of the toms at the same time, you can get what sounds to me like rim-shots. Of course it could just be my ears (or the positional sensing), but hey, it does sound quite cool.

    My favourite kit to try this on is the Pop kit on Toms 1 and 2. You can get a nice timbale-like sound with this kit, methinks.

    This effect is quite usable too... I can put them into my fills and stuff, and sometimes it just sounds too cool. Especially when doing Latin stuff.
    "I do what I like, and I like what I do."

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    This phantom rim-shot effect is enhanced if you take off the rubber rim protector. FYI.....

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      Sounds cool, but I don't want to bust up the rims of my pads just yet...
      "I do what I like, and I like what I do."


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        When I first read this, I didn't believe it. I was always under the impression that the rims were just completely ignored on the tom channels. Well at practice last night I had the "Real Deal" kit dialed up and was just free-flow messing around and then I noticed this too. You CAN get tom-rim shots in. I was incredulous. While I like learning new things, I hate learning that I don't know everything about things I think I know everything about

        Anyway - YES - tom rim shots are possible, though the rim midi note is not acknowledged or transmitted.


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          The TD-10 does allow for this by having the inputs set to 12a or 10A, I believe.
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