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Adding on to V-Custom set

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  • Adding on to V-Custom set

    Hi all, Im new to the board and have just purchased my first set of V-customs! I should be getting them early next week but my question is I will eventually want to buy a larger snare (currently PD-80R 8") I was thinking a 12" and moving the 8" to a tom position on the side arm of the MDS-8 rack. well my question is will this rack acommodate a fourth tom to be mounted to it on the side arm? I see the pro sets are larger and come with four toms so I just thought someone with simular experience can help here....

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    I think the evolution of my V-Custom kit followed the most natural path: upgrade to 12" snare, move the PD80R to the #4 tom position, split the #1 input to kick and #4 tom, add a 3rd PD-7...and I added a Yamaha bar pad to utilize input 11/12.


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      Splitting the kick 1/2 to a 4th tom works fine. I highly recommend the Yamaha BP-80 dual-stick pad: mine is mounted above the hihat. You can put 3 PD-80's on the front bar and one on the right if stability is an issue. Also, I recommend getting a Yamaha PCY-80S (is that the right number?) pad for an extra cymbal. Makes a great ride, quieter & cheeaper than a PD-7, responds great, bell is on the rin, bow plays more like a real ride. Another option is the Gibraltar 350GC rack. It is solid, has lots of room, great clamps, and comes with 2 cymbal boom mounts on the uprights. I cut part of the long (46"!) front bar off and with just one right-angle clamp made a second 14" sidearm on the left for my snare, like the V-Custom rack.


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        I think I will progress like Harlock has. I like the look of the larger cy-14's I will prabably still utilize my PD-7's as cymbals and DEFINATLY will get a PD-120. question.....would the short bracket on the MDS-8 (V-Custom rack) hold the PD-120? I dont mind getting a snare stand but would like to eliminate as much hardware as posible. Anyone try this or it it to large and bulky?


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          You can mount it on the rack, but putting on a snare stand means: a) more room for other pads, and b) far better positioning ability, as well as getting the proper feel if a full size snare between your legs.



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            yeah...that would be great to see, Although I'm a Left handed drummer and wouldnt need to mount it on yhe left side.


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              Harlock, question on your set-up: Seems like several of your cymbals are mono. Can you report in more detail? Thx!


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                Ah... I didn't understand the 2 triggers 'chained' to input 11. Are they both the same tom sound? If not, can you get 2 distinct sounds using the HG/Shack approach? If *that's* the case, can you describe how well it works?

                Also, do the 2 triggers on input 7 have the same instrument? (a L & R hihat?) I have a PD-7 on the right like yours, sometimes it's a right-side HH for open-handed playing, sometimes it's a gong or china cym. I like that placement too.

                I was wondering how you got so many pads squeezed onto a TD-8. Mine's pretty much maxed out, except for chaining/shacking, but I have enough triggers to keep me busy! Thx....