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    Hey guys,

    12 years ago I was forced to quit playing drums because of "permanent" injuries sustained in a car accident. Those injuries have now healed.

    Unfortunately, I still hang out with the same musicians I hung out with "back in the day." These guys have been pressuring me to reinvest in a kit, and they've got my blood boiling with desire to hit the skins again.

    Anyway, I'm in an apartment now which would frown upon me bringing an acoustic set in. A friend of mine just purchased the V-Session set and he highly recommends them.

    So, in reference to that kit, or anything similar, I've some questions:

    1) How does this set "feel"? Do the v-pads have a realistic feel and bounce to them?
    2) Have you had to change your playing technique at all to play on the v-pads?
    3) What kind of sounds does hitting the pads themselves generate? Are they pretty soft (like a practice pad) or do they have some resonance?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Hey guys,

    Thanks for the quick responses. I'm going to begin digging into the forums here like you suggested.

    And no, I'm not going to drop about 5k without first test driving these puppies. In fact, I'm going to be doing it tomorrow.

    Thanks again for your help.



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      5 points to Prag for postsmackdown graceful recovery!
      Immensely powerful yet with a liquid cat-quick elegance


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        Originally posted by gingerbaker:
        5 points to Prag for postsmackdown graceful recovery!
        extra points since it was at totally unwarranted smack. chris, where in his posting does he even imply that he's going to make a purchase based solely on the opinions he reads on the site? some people like to be armed with a little more knowledge when they go to the store so they can target their demo better, some people just like to roll up their hands and dig in right away. who's to say one apporach is better then the other?


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          And no, I'm not going to drop about 5k without first test driving these puppies. In fact, I'm going to be doing it tomorrow.

          Do your research, you can get them for about 4k or even a little less.


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            Originally posted by feefer:
            That's my point: sit at the kit for 2 minutes, and determine the opinion that counts: yours.

            Before buying, I spent many hours over the course of weeks reading the old posts, learning about what the system was, how it worked, plus subjective stuff like how pleased users were with their kits, etc. You can determine general satisfaction from the comments posted.

            True, I researched on the v-club a ton before I bought them, listend to demos over the net, but I didn't have the chance to play them before I bought them. However, I have bought roland/boss stuff in the past before even seeing it in person and have never been let down by them.
            But, if worse comes to worse, there's always ebay.
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              They/re close enough to what you remember, the transition for you shouldn't pose much of a problem. They are generally easier to play the acoustic drums, the sound variation is phenomenal as is the sheer number of instruments when compared to any acoustic drum kit. Unlike some modules the sound quality is superb, welcome back and enjoy.
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                I can't help be suspicious. You say you're from Philadelphia. If you are, you would say Philly. In fact, you would say what part of Philly, like South Philly. Either things have changed or........

                Just pulling your chain. Welcome aboard Prag. If you get the V-sessions, I'm sure you won't regret it.

                (formerly from South Philly)

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                  I'm suprised no one has yet addressed the bass-drum-thump-apartment-neighbor problem yet.

                  One of the classic dilemmas of apt. dwelling v-drummers is that the most between-unit noise occurs between floors due to the thump of the bass drum beater on the bass drum triggers. From reading several posts I've gleaned that the KD-7 -- the trigger that looks like a big black wart at the base of the pedal, requireing the use of an inverted beater -- is the worst culprit here, as you are almost beating directly into the floor. I don't know if the KD-120's or 80's -- the upright mesh pads -- are necessarily any better.

                  I've read that you may have to invest in some buffering material to put your drums on, i.e. old carpeting or similar insulating but supportive material.

                  Use Most Xlnt Search Engine and search 'apartment', 'neighbor', and you may find a few threads where members have dealt with this problem.

                  This is the kind of stuff you wouldn't find out at a music store.

                  The PD-7 pad noise -- I was never clear about how these fared in apartments. I think they're pretty noisy but I haven't read much about their part in the neighbor-noise effect. Maybe some members have some input?



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                    I have commented on the PD-7's and 9's before. They are noisy to some extent. For me the problem is diffenent than the KD-7. The PD's travel up the heating ducts. I play in the basement and they can be heard on the second floor. Just noisy enough to bother you if you're a light sleeper. Of course, my wife is a very light sleeper.
                    Kit Pic 1 Kit Pic 2 Kit Pic 3... And FOR SALE I have: 3 PD-9's, MDS-10 purple rack w/cables/pad and cym mounts. See classified posts for details or PM me.


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                      The bass drum is the biggest problem - there is a lot of info about damping the noise from it, on this forum. The rubber pads are really bad too - the mesh heads make far less noise as they absorb much more of the force of the hit.



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                        The bass should not be a problem if he gets the session kit it comes with the KD-120 Now in 3 wonderful colors.

                        Ted H.
                        Ted H.


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                          In Australia we ain't got no neighbours. Not for miles anyhow.
                          Just me and the Kangaroos

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