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Miss-Hits on TD8

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  • Miss-Hits on TD8

    Has anyone experienced miss-hits with a TD8?

    I am using a PD10 mesh head and PD7s for the rest of the the kit. Even with quite a simple pattern the snare will sometimes not sound at all if the hit is at the same moment as another pad, say the HH or Kick.
    Roland TD20 with Pearl double-pedals, and Yamaha 'professional' HH stand. Extra 2 x PD8, CY5 and Yamaha 5" cymbal. Personal PA - HK1000 amp, Koss 3AA headphones, Vic-Firth 5a-extra wood-tip Sticks, V-Expressions kit profiles. Band PA uses 2 x Bose L1 with three subs.

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    I never get miss hits with my TD8. Have you tried editing crosstalk settings etc.? There is a lot of info on this forum about that...

    Is your PD10 on it's own stand? Or on the rack?