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Do ALL of you COMPLETELY suck?!

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  • Do ALL of you COMPLETELY suck?!

    Okay, now that you've CLICKED this...

    Do ALL of you "VDRUMMERS" hide in the @#[email protected]# closet??


    Live electronic rock project in the vein of Orgy, Portishead, KMFDM, more...

    Are ALL of you just those "session" drummers that place those ANNOYING 'pro-drummer available' listings??
    LOOK. 3 ITEMS:
    a) We're NOT going to pay you upfront. Get over yourself.
    b) Music has SERIOUS potential, and is being looked at by majors.
    c) NO. We're STILL not going to pay you upfront.

    Somebody with a SPINE and the desire for something exciting in life, please call us..

    You cant ALL be complete flakes.. jeeez...

    Press kit, and online MP3s available.

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    you sound like a lead guitar player or lead vocalist....



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      Well surely most bassists arent quite so 'confrontational'.. (unless reallly pushed)..
      and quite obviously not a drummer..
      so yes, good assumption.

      Moreso than that though,
      I'm a musician who is extremely disappointed in the lack of vision most drummers seem to have. Is there no one that is willing to push their artform forward to a height more than a wedding band, with their vdrums? It's an incredible expressive instrument that could encompass so much more than "I suddenly have all these patches to play 70s, 80s, AND 90s music with my cover band!"... (grr.)

      There are quite obviously a few out there doing it, but I'm exasperated at the drumming community as a whole that wishes to do nothing more than rehash 'hard rock' 80s style drumming.

      (hats off of course to the 'jazz visionary' types, no bad thoughts about your amazing talents whatsoever)


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        (well, it does if you leave it out in the sun)

        Your music has such serious potential that you have heaps of drummers looking to get involved in your project.

        How about YOU get over yourself, pull your head out of your @rse and sort out your attitude....then work on your guitar playing, 'cause quite honestly it sucks.

        Good luck.

        Err, sorry guys, it's Monday morning!

        TD-20, Pair of JBL-Eon15 G2's & Sub

        Check out the demo tracks to hear my V's at


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          I commend this individual who posted this on a different thread:

          It's too bad that as electronic drummers we can't cite an electronic-drumming hero (or heroine) who can be considered an exclusively electronic-drumming virtuoso...the opportunity exists for any one of with the right amount of ambition to become the first electronic-drumming great...


          Might I say again how odd it is to see a collection of Vdrummers still leaning back ENTIRELY to old school roots for inspiration (I must admit, I have respect for those naming some of the newer world percussionists though). Note: inspiration from older established players is NOT a bad thing.. stifling your creativity by never reaching beyond, IS.

          Is nobody willing to place their talents on the line in a world of DAT-infested live bands, to step up to the plate and say "I'm willing to break the rules and do what hasn't been done before. I dont need a stinkin' DAT, I have 6 arms, 4 feet, and a nose. Watch me use them all to forge a new path" ??

          Technology is breaking open new opportunities, but yet few drummers (even those that own the equipment) are willing to step forward and embrace the opportunities. I've worked with brilliant engineers and producers who can program (*gasp!*) incredible drum lines. But yet, I see percussionists with incredible talents would could perform these things live, shrugging their shoulders and going back to the safe route.

          It's frustrating to say the least. More than that, it's incredibly saddening to see people who _arent_ drummers developing so much of the work behind modern music because most drummers arent willing to step up and embrace new concepts.

          Am I penetrating anyones thick skin/skull yet?
          My greatest hope is that SOMEONE will read this and go "finally!", and respond.
          Unfortunately, it's a thin hope.



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            >>Your music has such serious potential
            >>that you have heaps of drummers
            >>looking to get involved in your project.

            Any clue how difficult it is to find someone with a VDRUM kit? Add on that 'has real talent'? Add on that 'isnt a flake'? Add on that 'doesnt have their palm out looking for 'cash up front'?
            *Which category do you fall in?*

            >>How about YOU get over yourself,
            >>pull your head out of your @rse
            >>and sort out your attitude....
            >>then work on your guitar playing,
            >>'cause quite honestly it sucks.

            I gave up guitar years ago when the world began to worship playing that a two year old could pull off. Shred is long dead too. Long live the modern groundbreakers such as Reeves Gabrels (Tin Machine/Bowie).

            While your at it, I'm *positive* I could take your TD8, reprogram it and spit it back at you before you could find the ON button.

            I'm one of the unfortunate few who is well versed in electronic equipment, but can't find a drummer who knows the difference between an LFO and a Gate threshold.

            My apologies in advance for my hostility.
            This is many months of frustration coming out at once. My hope is to find someone that sees the humor entwined in all of this and relates to it all. He'll be the one laughing out loud right about now, thinking about sending an email. Please, do it.


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              Then buy a drum machine


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                Do ALL of you "VDRUMMERS" hide in the @#[email protected]# closet??

                a) We're NOT going to pay you upfront. Get over yourself.

                Somebody with a SPINE and the desire for something exciting in life, please call us..

                You cant ALL be complete flakes.. jeeez...

                Please slither back into your hole and die!


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                  Well alrighty then.
                  Drumkat Turbo 4.5, Emulator X3, Superior 2.1, Roland Fantom XR, DTXtreme III, SPD-20 etc.......


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                    This is just a classic case of a user.
                    They think they play a lead instrument and drummers are their dogs who have to obey their commands... or they think we're their drum machine. Great people.

                    TD8 with PD7's, 2 KD7's (From previous TD7)
                    Tama Rockstar with mix of Sabian, Zildjian and Paiste.


                    • #11

                      I beg to differ. I'm looking for someone I can collaborate with and bring music to new heights. I would so trust the judgements of a drummer of whom my band and I shared the same passion for music.

                      However the close-mindedness of so many leaves us empty-handed.

                      Because I am frustrated by drummers who demand they recieve 'payment' for their services:
                      **Does that make me a commanding 'dog'?
                      I dont have to entice a vocalist, guitarist, or bassist to collaborate with money, why should that be expected so often for any other artist?

                      Because I look for someone who can play to a click-track or keep solid meter:
                      **Does that make me a commanding 'dog'?
                      The rest of the band is expected to keep meter, why shouldnt the drummer as well?

                      Because I look for someone who is willing to trigger subs and percussion samples from their kit, while still holding a standard beat (rather than run a DAT):
                      **Does that make a commanding 'dog'?
                      I would think a young talented professional exists that would be willing to rise above today's standards.

                      Because I think as a band we feel a live original mix of both acoustic and electric drums are lacking in today's modern music:
                      Does that make me a commanding 'dog'?
                      I personally oppose a DAT live, and live drum machines/sequences.
                      I would think someone who explores their instrument enough to know the different timbres a selection of wood on a drum can offer, that they would explore the possiblities of VDRUMS and electronics besides cueing up a preset patch.

                      Is that truly so unreasonable?


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                        No, I'm a drum machine


                        • #13
                          You know they have got those ones now that think up beats for you......very creative things just tell it the style and......shazamm! There it is! You can spill your open mind right in no cost.


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                            I want a banjo player who can sing chinesse songs out of phase. I need him to have a 1863 banjo with a Lexicon reverb.

                            OH! I forgot! If you want money for your job, you´re a looser!
                            to v or not to v?


                            • #15

                              Okay, granted, perhaps I deserve some of the sarcasm back at me.. heh.

                              I think I met that banjo player once actually.

                              Outside of the stabbing rhetoric,
                              (read as: "I'M SORRY. No offense meant
                              personally to anyone, I'm just venting.")
                              As a vdrummer community, why are the things I mentioned so odd to find?
                              Am I 'looking for love in all the wrong places'?

                              Trust me, I've been the 'nicest guy' possible in the past. But I've recieved more responses in the past 5 hours with negativity than I have the past 5 months pleading for talent. I say the word VDRUMS, and every drummer turns tail and hides. Every classified I answer that says "VDRUMMER AVAILABLE" wants cash up front.

                              I understand it's expensive equipment that someone would want to recoup. But so is any pro-audio fiend or any serious synth-guitar player. But why does this dogma exist that 99.9% of vdrummers are 'session only' guys?

                              Am I barking up the wrong tree?
                              Trying to find a needle in a haystack?
                              What are the magic words I'm just not saying?

                              If I made a post on any classified network that says "Looking for the next Tommy Lee! Lets ROCK DUDE!!", I'd have 5 zillion responses. I say "VDRUMS" and I hear crickets.