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Your Top 3 All-Time Favorite Drummers Are?!

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  • Your Top 3 All-Time Favorite Drummers Are?!

    Just curious as to who digs who the most?!

    My Top 3 are... (drum-roll please...) Goddamn! I'm deaf! Not all 5,000,000 of you play @ once! Heh.

    #1. Omar Hakim, i.e. my idol! (He made me play drums! Damn him! I first saw him in 1985's Sting, "Bring on the Night" video! Rent it, or Buy it as I did! His "Express yourself" and "Let it Flow" tapes are def.worth buying).

    #2. Dave Weckl, Dennis Chambers, & Manu Katche' (Saw him live in 87' with Peter Gabriel @ the Amnest Int. concert and many other times. Blew me away...)!

    #3. Akira Jimbo, Carter Beauford, Neil Peart, Tim Alexander all tied. ( Have seen Rush and Primus @least 10x each. Have yet to see Carter live)!

    Thanx Gang, !


    [This message has been edited by Alexander (edited March 04, 2002).]
    Thanx. Alex & me V's! http://photos.yahoo.com/flexapr

  • #2
    1. Buddy Rich
    2. Neil Peart
    3. Dave Weckl/Steve Smith/ Vinnie Colaiuta


    • #3
      1. Dennis Chambers
      2. Steve Smith
      3. David Garabaldi

      Never understood the Neil Peart thing. Tons of chops, No groove. Sounds real cluttered.....
      Roland TD50x
      Acoustic- Spaun drums, Gretsch Drums & Paiste Signature Series cymbals.


      • #4
        1. Carmine Appice
        2. Carmine Appice
        3. Carmine Appice


        • #5
          1-Trilok Gurtu
          2-Dave Weckl
          3-Horacio"El Negro"Hernandez

          Worst three drummers :
          1-Lars Ulrich
          2-My EX
          3-Any guitarist


          • #6
            1) Jim Keltner -- (Ry Cooder, etc) Unique style, unbelievable feel, extremely creative, always tasteful, and I find, impossible for me to duplicate

            2) Jim Gordon -- The now institutionalized schizophrenic genius of the Layla album. Love all those toms!!

            3) Ringo, Gingerbaker(of course!), Mitch Mitchell
            Immensely powerful yet with a liquid cat-quick elegance


            • #7
              You realize, this is like picking favorite children -- or a favorite donut...

              Let's see. In alphabetical order:

              Bill Bruford: Great, great musician!
              Phil Collins: Great all-around. The man can play it all.
              Simon Phillips: 'nough said...



              • #8
                So many but..........

                Ian Paice...Deep Purple >> Perfect Strangers
                Nicko McBrain ...Iron Maiden
                John Bonham ....??



                • #9

                  1) Louie Bellson
                  2) Billy Cobham
                  3) Rod Morgenstein / Chester Thompson


                  • #10
                    My top 3 favorites...How about:

                    1-Mr Peart (he's the reason I got into drumming in the first place...air drumming actually started first, then acoustics, and now e-drums!!!

                    2-Mr Bonham (he did more with one foot than most can do with a double pedal...)

                    3-Mr Beauford (the guy has chops, a wonderful grove and...did I already say he's got chops???)

                    That's my 2-cents worth...why is it a penny for your thoughts, but you have to put your 2-cents in??? Someone is making a penny somewhere...


                    • #11
                      1)Vinnie Colaiuta

                      His work with Sting Esp. on the fields of gold album got me interested in all non 4/4 stuff.

                      2)Manu Katche

                      Also his work with Sting - saw him live for the first time a couple of weeks ago here in Sydney - this guy can play

                      3) My Dad - 'Bob'.

                      If it wasn't for his encouragement, time and effort teaching, I may have been a guitarist! Oh, and yes - he's a great drummer himself!
                      (and he wasn't the first in the family, his father, and his father before him all played either semi-pro or pro)

                      Enough of the family history . . .
                      TD-20, Pair of JBL-Eon15 G2's & Sub

                      Check out the demo tracks to hear my V's at



                      • #12
                        1. Neil Peart
                        2. Bill Bruford
                        3. Simon Philips


                        • #13
                          1. papa jo jones basie 35-46 2.jaki libezite (can 68-78) 3.ronald shannon jackson try mandance 83 w/vernon reid (vernon played 80-86)


                          • #14
                            Keith Moon,
                            Keith Moon,
                            Keith Moon.


                            • #15
                              Carter Beauford... Danny Carrey... Tim Alexander... Travis Barker.

                              All four of these guys tie for first... All four of these guys make me want to quit playing, cause I will most likely never be that good.

                              Buddy Rich and all the big band jazz guys are/were amazing... if I were more into jazz, they'd be on the list too...

                              \oo/_ :mad: _\oo/