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sepdrums are you there?????

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  • sepdrums are you there?????

    man whats up???my splash got broke and well i didnt really hitted it very hard. in fact everything else in my v's is working great exept that. u think there are something u can do for me??or i just have to throw it to the garbage???

    just making sure. thnx

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    Hart Dynamics gear has a lifetime warranty. Call them. They will take care of it. 800-769-5335



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      damnnnnn i lost a paper and now i would have to pay 40$!!!!!!!to get the thing repaired. im completly broke right now

      well if somebody wants a hart splash that looks like new to play with the dog just tell me


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        Manu - I can email you another receipt....

        If you can't get the warranty issue resolved, do this:

        1.) Drill out the pop rivets holding on the trigger case.
        2.) Go to Radio Shack and get a new piezo - about $2.00.
        3.) Pop it out of the black case, and pop out the broken piezo from the case from Hart. Cut the wires off of the piezo so that there is enough to re-solder onto the new one.
        4.) Get some double stick tape or epoxy.
        5.) Solder the leads to the new piezo.
        6.) Epoxy it back in, or tape it. (epoxy is better).
        7.) Find some small screws & nuts from a hardware store that will fit into the rivet holes, and screw it back together...done.

        Or, send it to me and I will fix it for free...just send $10 for return shipping.



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          nice reply eric.......nice offer ,nice service.......nice guy.way to be
          -i can levitate birds and no one cares-----------V-CONCERT,CY12H-CY15R/SPD-20-XP-60 V-STUDIO 1824CD,DAUZ PADS,NO RYTHYM AND MISC.CRAP 9"HART SPLASH/AKAI S5000/ASSLOAD OF SAMPLES


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            im completly surprised!!!!!and in the best of the ways!!!!thats truly what i would call an EXCELLENT SERVICE!!!!!damn hehe

            well erik, thanx a lot man, for real. and well, i think the best thing would be if u can email me the reciept or something. so hart take care of the thing and not us hehe

            what u think?????

            i'll be waiting your reply man and again THANX A LOT!!!


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              Hat off to you Eric. It's nice to see.


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                he's a good egg.


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                  Help me remind myself the next time I need some gear to call Sepdrums.



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                    It's really nice to see that the term customer service is still alive in this fast food world. Nice job Erik.
                    Drumkat Turbo 4.5, Emulator X3, Superior 2.1, Roland Fantom XR, DTXtreme III, SPD-20 etc.......


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                      thanx a lot for e-mailing me that erik. i will call hart tomorrow.

                      im hoping that i can send them the reciept by e-mail and thats it.......

                      u rule man!!!thanx again!


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                        Guess I better find my reciept!!!

                        Hi all, I'm new. I've been reading for a few months now and decided to register.
                        I use a Roland TD-8 and a Hart Sudio AT.


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                          I was wondering why you need a proof of purchase to get a repair done by the manufacturer. Why would it matter were you bought the pads if they are broke they are broke and there is a lifetime warranty . Don't get me wrong I use Hart gear and I really like it but if it is a Hart pad then they had to built it no matter who the player bought it from. If you go to Sears and buy a Craftsman tool and it breaks they fix it or replace it no ? asked because they know they are the only one's who make Craftsman tool even thought you might have bought it a a yard sale. Like I said I am not downing Hart at all and Sepdrum has really did the guy right here with Great service but I just don't understand the reciept. I would call Mr Hart he will make it right. Also Sep I think I sold you one of my ddrum4 module off ebay and thought I might just say hi.


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                            [QUOTE]Originally posted by zekedrum:
                            [b]I was wondering why you need a proof of purchase to get a repair done by the manufacturer.

                            I agree 100% with that comment. As someone who just bought a Hart kit this certainly doesn't give me the warm and fuzzy.

                            [This message has been edited by ezedrummer (edited March 12, 2002).]


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