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Sequence Question

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  • Sequence Question

    hey Vbrothers:

    I have a TD10 and am quite comfortable programming the sequencer. However, I have a friend that uses a church-owned TD8 for his P&W band and he asked me about its sequencer. Specifically, can you give me the steps necessary to program parts such as congas or shakers into its sequencer and then play back with them?



    (Weapon of Mass Percussion)

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    Are the steps to record a pattern on the TD8 similar to what is done on the TD10?

    Thanks Guys!

    (Weapon of Mass Percussion)


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      Hi Matts

      All I can tell you is

      A) this is a great question, and recently posed by many

      B) The answer has something to do with using another MIDI device to assign sounds to a percussion group. This is the only way to be able to have your own "loop" and have it play back while you are playing away on whatever drumkit you want.

      C) This is the sum total of my knowledge on the subject

      D) the engineer at Roland who designed the module so that this truly useful function is so damnedly difficult will be the second person up against the wall when the revolution finally comes
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