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Terri...is not a drummer

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  • Terri...is not a drummer

    Okay I was reading the statements on 5 best drummers and I saw terri b, being mentioned,now If you were like me you went and saw his drum clinic when his new sabian cycmbals came out and I have to say the way he talked and played was not human either terri went off the deep end or hes a robot,alien etc. oh yeah how come no one mentioned Tim"herb"Alexander? and no one mentioned Phill Collins or Gene Krupa (I think I spelled that wrong but it is late and the lights are off)
    honorible mention: Mich Michelle

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    Because the thread title is '5 Greatest Drummers', not '6-7-8 greateast drummers'! :P



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      I really wish I had his kit though. :P~~~~~
      Firemen would have to drag me from my room just to make me stop playing it.

      td-6, pro-mark, remo, sabian, dw, tama rockstar.
      td-6, pro-mark, remo, sabian, dw, tama rockstar.


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        Just listen at UK's album Night after Night and see a Terri Bozzio solodrums concert and all will be revealed

        Cheers... Sjoerd ...