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    As I get a little further into the TMC-6, I'm also discovering some little conflicts, mainly having to do with the TD-10/W-1.

    The TMC is probably meant more as a standalone pad-to-midi box, than an accessory to successfully expand the V-Drums (using a TD-10; not sure about the TD-8 or 6 with respect to what I'm describing.) Actually, the problem lies more with the TD-10.

    In attempting to add pads to trigger additional tom sounds - that's right, 4 is not enough - the TMC sent midi and all that just fine. In fact, the response is instant and feels perfect. BUT, the TD-10 generally wants add-on midi triggers to talk to it via Percussion Groups. The problem with that is, there are no V-edit capabilities within the Perc Groups, so matching an auxiliary V-tom to the existing 4 V-toms will be tricky - there are no head or muffling adjustments.

    Thanks to some suggestions, I adjusted the TMC's midi notes to directly play the 'rims' of the main toms, hoping that I'd get back some of the sound parameters.

    The TD-10 is very clever.

    It knows that a 'rim' doesn't need to be muffled or have a different head type, so those parameters are conveniently deleted on those specific notes! Basically, it's the same as going through the Percussion Group. And more than that, the TD-10 also knows that a rim and its drum would appear in the same panning position, so it won't allow separate placement of the rim and its specific drum! At least going through the Percussion Groups allows panning.

    I was almost beginning to envision using the TMC to insert cymbals, and then use the former cymbal inputs on the TD-10 for tom sounds, but again it's a clever unit - it also knows that 'cymbals' don't need muffling or head type selection, and those TD-10 inputs will not allow such adjustments!

    So, the TMC doesn't seem to be a perfect addition for the V-drums. It does easily enable adding certain sounds, but in my situation, where I want to add 2 toms with the same timbre & head types as the main 4 toms, it doesn't seem possible with the TMC, and the TD-10 won't do it by itself.


    Don't get me wrong, the TMC is cool, but it's not necessarily for everyone who has V-Drums, and it shouldn't automatically be considered the 'next step' for your rig.

    If someone discovers that these events are NOT the case, please let me know!! I don't claim to know a lot about the TD-10 or TMC yet, but these are conflicts I am discovering as I go along.


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    Originally posted by Harlock:
    So yes, it is a good idea to hook up all toms, kicks and snares to the TD's inputs in order to use these inputs as V-Editable instruments... But then again, maybe the TD-10 is not as 'wise' as the TD-8? Sounds strange...

    I had a thought about the inputs on the TD-10, is it possible that I'd need to specify the pad type in order to get the V-editing capabilities? Doesn't seem like it, since the cymbal pads and inputs will accept any sound.

    Also, since the TD-8 came AFTER the TD-10, it probably does do more. I know for sure it has more user presets! Roland experienced some feedback about why the lesser modules appeared to do a few extra tricks. I guess that overall, the TD-10's sounds are a lot more editable, yielding more different sounds. That's still the payoff for the TD-10, although the 8 is pretty slick!


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      Originally posted by feefer:
      Hi Bermuda,
      The limitations you're encountering are those of the TD-10; the TMC-6 won't change this.....

      Yeah, the more I'm having to explore the TD-10 now, the more I realize that.

      I actually use a little $1.99 device, a 1/4" mono-to-stereo adapter (produced by among others, Radio Shack), to turn my PD-80/100/120 tom pads into two-level velocity-switched toms.

      I'm also realizing that I could have done the same.

      I suppose it's nice to have a more user-friendly, faster pad-to-midi box (than the old PM-16) but I certainly didn't need this just to add a few non-adjustable drums sounds.

      Oh well, someone's gotta be the guinea pig.

      Bermuda: "squeak squeak"


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        I haven't A-B'd them, but older midi devices processed data a little slow, and two devices making sounds would 'flam'. The PM-16 did have some upgrades during its lifespan, but I'm sure it's still a bit lazy.

        That was part of the midi vs. smpte debate some years ago, the delay between midi devices was noticeable, and smpte was a different, faster protocol.

        As for Roland's midi stuff now, I found the TD-10 to be almost instantaneous. There's a miniscule amount of flanging, certainly acceptable, and probably undetectable by most people. I am guessing that the TMC uses that same, fast midi processing.