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Impressions on Sessions

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  • Impressions on Sessions

    Well I just got a set of sessions a few days ago & have been tinkering & playing ever since. I had a set of the pro's when they first came out & sold them after a while to go back to A drums. I got the red ones after thinking they were a little flashier looking than the white. Well I thought the drums looked great, but the rack......( no offense to anyone who likes the red rack). It just looked weird to me, never seen a red rack & the rack didn't match the drum color. I will say it is an improvement over the older racks but still has a ways to go. So I had this Gibralter rack sitting here, the 350, so I put everything on there but used the clamps off the new Roland rack. Now this looks really good to me, much better than the red rack. I had absolutely no problems with crosstalk or false triggering. Maybe the Roland clamps dampen the vibration more being less dense (cheaper) & if I really crank them down no slippage. I think the new V cyms. are great. One reason I sold the pro set was that the cym pads were giving me wrist problems. I don't find the new drum sounds to be that much of an improvement over the older ones but the cyms are. The biggest problem I see compared to A drums is the dynamics, not even close. I bought these with the realization that they were a great practice tool & a lot of fun to play but aren't close to replaceing an A set yet. So I set these up next to my A drums when I want to practice & really do some heavy hitting without bothering a soul. I'll use my A's for practicing jazz & live gigs. I think the E's will be more fun though.