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What's a good sale price for these

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  • What's a good sale price for these

    Hey Guys...Time for me to buy a new house so I'm having a fire sale of sorts.I figure I don't really have anything that can't be replaced down the road so the Vs are going too!
    I have the VConcerts/TD-10 with expansion card and the PM-3 monitor.This kit is 6 months old and has never been out of my house.
    I replaced all the Cymbal pads with V cyms so this is pretty much a Vsession now.
    The V cymbals include two cy-14" crash cymbals,a CY-15ride and a CY12H HIHAT

    I'm in S.C. and would prefer that these were picked up in person.
    What do you guys think a good sell price would be?
    I'm a tad out of touch with what everything sells for.
    Does 4000.00 to $4500.00 for everything sound right?!?!

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    consider that you can get the v-session new - in any color - for about $4000. if you stuck to the lower end of your range (assuming you still have all manuals, cables, maybe even boxes) then i bet you'd be able to find a buyer. $4500 seems steep to me - for only $200 more someone can get it brand new and under warranty.


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      Thanks...like I said,I haven't been tracking the prices.I figure with the PM-3 I'd get a few bones more.
      I'll probably just list the whole thing starting at 3500.00 with no reserve on ebay

      Anyone near S.C. who wants it?