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Acoustic kick for V-drums - poll

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  • Acoustic kick for V-drums - poll

    How many of you would purchase an acoustic-looking kick drum for your v's - an actual 20" - 22" wood shell drum with mesh on the batter side & fully baffled - one that can be custom covered to match what you have? $300 range...Just curious...


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    i would consider maybe an 18"-20" shallow kick .... i wouldn't go for a full 18x22 kick - so much wasted space.


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      I have considered triggering a 14" snare shell to use as a kick. I just bought a Pintech CK-V so I will stay with that for a while. Where I play, you can hardly see what kick I use anyway. I have a horn section seated in front of me. 18" would be about all I could go and still fit under my rack.
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        I triggered my 18" Gretsch kick for a while and it was just the right size. For me, anything bigger starts to become a hassle in transport since I have become accustomed to moving relatively small drums (plus, now I have OTHER crap I have drag around to gigs - mixer, Mackies, etc.). The option of custom covering is a good one .
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          An 18" or maybe even an elevated 16" would be ideal. Mounting hardware would be nice...how about if the drum opens up a la the Yamaha Hipgig ... an idea that is ideally suited to electronic drums -- you could probably fit all your pads, cables, etc. and if there was hardware on the drum itself you may not need a rack to carry. Use that space!



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            a 16 or 18 bd would be great! I am using my 18 x 22 with adc's and it is a pain to hall around. The adc works great though.


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              A shallow depth 18" kick drum would be very appealing if it were in the $300 range (especially if you could get a wrap finish to match the rest of your kit). Do you have something like this in the works?


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                Not me, that's one of the reason's I went electric; to cut down on space and weight.


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                  yup erik,18" would rock........i'd go for it....drummers have egos too
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                    Originally posted by Arriguy:
                    Not me, that's one of the reason's I went electric; to cut down on space and weight.
                    Most XLNT point. Besides, we have the KD-80/120's available. These are 'acoustic'-looking enough for me.

                    Damn! I just remembered. I hate acoustic-looking E's. Remind me of toy-drums. See old posts on this - keyword : 'toys' or 'sci-fi'. Some great pics to be found there.


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                      I think 16" is too small.
                      18"-20" is excellent!!

                      I got a 18" used BD made in taiwan.....

                      see my kit in (photo gallery) post!!


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                        Purely as an aesthetic?

                        Is this our way of fooling the average punter into believing we are using acoustic drums??

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                        , plenty of , and , , triggered acoustics, , and a plethora of PA blah blah freakin blah...I mean does anyone care about the specifics of pedals, speakers, processors, hardware or anything that I'm using?? :confused: Hmmm, maybe this is an appropriate place to mention that I tried out a new cymbal stand the other day...


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                          Steveo has said a mouthful!

                          How about a kick pad that looks like a marshall amp or a ten foot stratocaster?

                          Better yet, a kick pad that looks like a kneeling, orally-intent groupie?
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                            Originally posted by gingerbaker:
                            Better yet, a kick pad that looks like a kneeling, orally-intent groupie?
                            Now there's a great idea. The back of her head could even be your snare pad! But, I seriously doubt this is where Erik wanted his thread to go. I'll shut up now.


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                              Now we are getting somewhere - a chick-rack....her hands can be tom arms...head for snare stand, and kneeling down for the "beater"...
                              I love it.

                              Sorry Roland, the hum-drums are gonna put you outta business...