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TD-7 to TD-10

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  • TD-7 to TD-10

    I'm back again with another MIDI how-to question. I posted this on the technical board but no one would help. I figured I'd try it here too.

    I have an old TD-7 connected to my TD-10 so I can use it to trigger additional pads. I get sounds from this arrangement just fine. The problem is I cannot figure out how to assign new sounds to the pads triggered through the TD-7. I only have two connected right now and they sound (currently) like the ride cymbal and one of the tom pads (including the same MIDI note numbers) on the TD-10. I tried to figure out how to assign a new MIDI note number to them and when I (think) I changed it the pads through the TD-7 made no sounds.

    Please help. It doesn't do me any good if I can't use different sounds than what I had going already from the TD-10, i.e. I don't need two TOM4s. I need to know step-by-step what settings the TD-7 and then the TD-10 need to have in place to assign sounds to the pads triggered through the TD-7.

    Thanks much.

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    Hi Mark. I also run have a similar expansion set-up using a TD-7 to route extra pads.

    What you need to do is identify which MIDI note numbers are assigned to each instrument. I've gone through and done this.

    Find out which numbers are assigned to the TD-10 trigger inputs (i.e. snare rim and head, tom 1 rim and head, cymbal 2 rim and head, even kick rim and head). You need to do this so you know which numbers not to use when you re-assign the MIDI note numbers on the TD-7. The reason you're getting repeated tom and cymbal sounds is because the note numbers for your expanded triggers are the same as the note numbers for tom and ride cymbal assigned in the TD-10.

    Now, I don't have specific notes at my office here. When I go home tonight, I'll check my notes -- I had to go through and figure out assignments of note numbers on my TD-7 so my notes are quite detailed. However, I couldn't tell you from memory how to change note numbers for triggers. I'll check it out and get back to you.

    You can figure out which note numbers are assigned to the TD-10 triggers. This can be done either by going through the individual triggers themselves in the 'Trigger' menu or by going into the 'Percussion Group' section. Again, my memory is real sketchy but I think you'll be able to figure it out with the manual at your side.

    One of the advantages of the TD-7 is that you can have different note-number assignments for different patches; i.e. you can assign different sounds to different patches so you can change the instruments of your extra triggers by switching the patch# on your TD-7. Also note that in the TD-10 the percussion group has four different settings that allows for additional options. The TD-7 also has a sequencer which automatically doubles your number of available sequences; I'm wondering if it's possible to play two different sequences at the same time using both the TD-10 and TD-7.

    I've been meaning to fully explore this combination but have been sidelined by 'real life' (ugh).

    I promise to have a better report tomorrow.



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      Thanks for the information. At least I have a place to start now. I look forward to hearing more about your experiments.

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        Total Range of Note Numbers Available for the TD-10: 23-93

        This includes note numbers assigned to the triggers 1 - 12, including #'s assigned to rim and head locations.

        Once you factor out trigger-assigned numbers (Snare, T1-T4, Cymbals 1 and 2, etc.), the remaining note numbers are:

        23-25, 27-30, 59-93.

        Now, you may want to use note numbers which are assigned to the rims of toms 1 - 4 because if you have a full Pro Kit with PD-100/120's you can't use them with pads. Plus there's the rim note of the kick drum which is also unused, and let's even add the rim numbers of the AUX 1 and 2.

        These numbers are:

        (Rim Note Numbers):
        T1 - 50
        T2 - 47
        T3 - 58
        T4 - 39
        Kick 35
        AUX1 32
        AUX2 33 (might be 34? see my post below)

        So if we add these, total available MIDI Note numbers in the TD-10 are:

        23-25, 27-30, 32, 33 or 34?, 39, 47, 50, 58 - 93.

        Which I think comes out to 47 available numbers. And since you can switch percussion groups between four different settings, well, you get more than that.

        To Switch Note Numbers in the TD-7:

        From the Patch/Kit screen (has the kit #, Kit Name; i.e.: 1 MONSTER)

        Hit the SYSTEM button.

        Hit the TRG button.

        This will get you into the Trigger settings screen. There are other ways to get here but this is the one I remember.

        The screen should give you a readout of the data for a single trigger. If you strike one of the TD-7 pads the screen should automatically switch to the one you just hit.

        On the bottom line the parameter should be NOTE. That should be followed by the actual number and note designation , for example: 46 F#
        (Note number is 46, F# (sharp) the actual musical note. This is just an example. I don't really know if 46 is F#). Hit the right-arrow key once and the cursor should move to the number itself. You'll know where the cursor is because the cursor-activated data on the screen should start blinking.

        Change the number by using the knob, up or down, until you get one of the numbers listed above. And now your TD-7 pad is ready to have an instrument assigned to it.

        To Change External MIDI-triggered Sounds in the TD-10:

        You need to access the 'Percussion Group'.

        From the 'Kit' screen hit 'FUNC' (F2).

        Hit 'PRCGRP' (F1).

        A list should appear. It will have a large number (Group) 1, 2, 3, or 4 in the upper left. Additionally, it should have three columns of data arranged like this:

        Note # - Note - Instrument

        Hit your newly reassigned TD-7 pad. The cursor in this section should jump to the note triggered by that pad. The cursor should blacken the 'Instrument'.

        This can be changed either by using the data wheel and scrolling up and down, or using the 'List' button at the bottom of the screen, which will produce an instrument list like it does in when you search for a sound in the regular 'Instrument' section.

        You can also edit the newly selected sound by using the 'Edit' key right next to the 'List'.

        Percussion Group number - That big bold number in the upper left corner selects the percussion group; there are four available. Simply by moving the cursor to this number and scrolling the data wheel you can change this. You'll note that all the instrument names change on the list. This allows you to select up to 4 different instrument settings for your external MIDI triggers. I have it set so one group is all ethnic percussion, one group all cymbals, one group all electronic effects, and one just a miscellaneous.

        Some things to remember:

        - the Percussion Group has a separate volume setting than the reguler kit. Go into the Control Room, then Mixer, then GRPVOL. Note there are two virtual knobs; one for kit sounds and one for percussion group. Make sure the Percussion Group volume is the same as the Kit or your external MIDI trigger sounds will be (typically) quieter than the kit-generated sounds.

        - The Percussion Group is where all the sounds are assigned for sequences. So if you like that factory-set 'Latin Sequence' that you can tap out, these sounds will change if you start messing with reassigning sounds to note numbers.

        -Keep note of which numbers are assigned to each pad, for each kit. It's easy to lose track.

        Beware. Good Luck.


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          Kick-a$$ response, Doug.


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            Thanks again!

            Your last post is great and is exactly what a neophyte like myself needed. I am planning on spending the weekend figuring out this stuff and you have provided a great roadmap. Thanks very, very much for your help. I'll let you know Monday how it went and if I've come up with anything new.

            TD-10 exp, TMC-6, Hart Pro Snare, PD-120, PD-100, PD-80, KD-120, CY14R/C, CY12R/C, CY15R, CY12H


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              Djourg is going to have some serious good karma off of that post. Newbies everywhere thank you..


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                If you could Fed Ex that karma overnight it would be much appreciated.

                A couple of other thoughts: I made my post assuming that you (Mark) had synced up the channels between the TD-7 and TD-10 -- your initial post indicated you were getting drum sounds so I assumed that was the case. None of my instructions above will help if you can't get the two modules on the same channel. Again, I'm here at work so I can't give any help on that right now, but it's relatively simple and it seems you've done it in the first place.

                My MIDI note# for AUX 2 RIM might be wrong. It may be 34, not 33; my notes have two different lists with different #'s for this trigger. But I think you have the groundwork to check it out for yourself.


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                  Hi again,

                  I was bombarded with real life this weekend so I didn't get a chance to work on this any. That is my task for this evening.

                  If you mean do I have both modules set for MIDI channel 10, then yes I have them synched. If you're referring to something else I may be in trouble. I'm going to spend the evening addressing this and I'll report back tomorrow. Thanks again for all your help and instructions!

                  TD-10 exp, TMC-6, Hart Pro Snare, PD-120, PD-100, PD-80, KD-120, CY14R/C, CY12R/C, CY15R, CY12H


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                    I got my chance to try the instructions last night and they worked like a charm. Let me thank you again for your help. I really appreciate your taking time to put everything down in such detail. Take care.

                    TD-10 exp, TMC-6, Hart Pro Snare, PD-120, PD-100, PD-80, KD-120, CY14R/C, CY12R/C, CY15R, CY12H


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                      Originally posted by DJourg:
                      Total Range of Note Numbers Available for the TD-10: 23-93

                      This includes note numbers assigned to the triggers 1 - 12, including #'s assigned to rim and head locations.
                      etc etc.....
                      Beware. Good Luck.



                      What a great great post you wrote
                      I just bought a second hand TD-7 to connect it to my TD-10 AND NOW I HAVE A REAL MANUAL . Thank you Thank you!!!!
                      Someone should give you a medal for writing this excellent posts!!!



                      My bands: Meneer Van Zanten and The Shed (sorry, both in Dutch but you can see the pictures and listen to our songs)
                      My bands: Meneer Van Zanten and The Shed (sorry, both in Dutch but you can see the pictures, videoclips and listen to our songs)