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high hat pedal as a trigger???

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  • high hat pedal as a trigger???

    since i went to an acoustic h h, i was looking at what to do with my high hat pedal. can you use it to trigger something, i.e. a sequenced program, or since it is a stepped pedal, open,closed, part opened ect will this not work? thanks.

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    i have a td8


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      You can actually, if you want, use it as another pad (with velocity sensitivity). I have occasionally used mine as a kick pedal...

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        so your saying i could conceivable click instrument and step on it and assign say a cowbell to to it and then just have it as a cowbell ect?


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          You could use it for cowbell or any sound on the TD-8, although I would prefer to use a KD-7 + foot pedal for that.
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            but the thing is im using my foot pedal and kd7, but have no need for my h h pedal now, so im trying to find a use for it.


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              Neil Peart (and others) uses foot pedals all the time, to trigger sounds. The drummer from Def Leppard also uses a pedal for a snare sound, as he only has 1 arm (right.)

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                I think c. jude gave you a great idea:

                pitch bend ! - use it set up with your (H-H) pad as timbale(s), or perhaps wood blocks or even wind chimes.

                Would give you awesome effects for different songs!
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                  I used mine with a clave sound assigned to it once, it worked fine. But you can't get the same control you have with a kick pedal and pad. It just doesn't stick to the bottom of your foot like a good kick pedal (it doesn't have that inertia the beater gives a pedal?????).