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Yamaha HhHat pedal/Roland Brain

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  • Yamaha HhHat pedal/Roland Brain

    I have just changed from a Yamaha DTXpress Brain to a Roland TD6 & I have suffered with the problem of my Yamaha HH60 not triggering the TD6.

    Having trawled thru the forum here I stumbled on the answer I required..... unfortunately for us drummers who reside in the UK we cant get the Radio Shack adaptor (274-1520C) over here (Maplins, RS etc dont stock them)...but Maplins stock a 1/4" mono jack-1/4" Stereo socket which works fine. The grand price of 69p, stock code is FK11.

    Hope this is some use. Now back to my drumming!!

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    Tandy is the same company as Radio Shack, so they might be able to supply the exact part..?

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      Yea, when I bought my Drumtech pedals, they had a problem with a Yamaha module. I ordered a couple of "adapters" from drumtech for 12 bucks each. turns out they were just headphone adapters- $1.50 from Radio Shack...

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        Hi Jim,

        I emailed Drum Tech regarding their solution to this problem & they mailed me back saying they dont have anything & suggested controlling the TD6 by midi.

        In fairness they didnt try selling me something with massive mark up!!