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My TD-8 Studio Set

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  • My TD-8 Studio Set

    I just wanted to thank everyone here on the forum for the great advice in choosing my new Roland kit. I found a lot of information here, especially in the archives, which influenced my decision to go with Roland. Now, after living with the kit for a month, I'm even more amazed with it. It seems every day I find some new sound or feature I didn't know about...so thanks to you all for your help!

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      what upgrade??r u kidding me right?????

      is this true??


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        If you are referring to the TD-8 System Update 1.10, there is information at the following Roland site:

        However, it is my understanding that this update is for using controllers I do not own (CY1, CY2, and PD-6) and several "bug fixes"...and until I buy some V-cymbals (or run into these "bugs"), I don't think I need to mess with it.

        "If it ain't broke..."