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    Hey all,
    I have a td6 and my brother and a friend are recording onto a regulas cassette. My questions is: How do I get it from cassette to burn it on to a cd? Or is there a better way I should be recording all of us that is also inexpensive. I am looking to the allmighty VDRUM specialists for great advice. I am depending on all of you!!

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    I really have nothing in terms of recording. Here is the deal though: I have a td6, my bro and I are jamming together along with a friend. My bro plays guitar and his friend on the bass guitar with me on Vdrums. We are all jamming via headphones without headphone amp or mixers just yet. Were splitting everything into the td6. We have used the output to a stereo and recoded on cassette tape. I have a laptop but I dont think it has mIDI jacks. how else can I record with or without my computer and is there anything else that I can do that's realatively cheap?


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      If the laptop has an audio INPUT jack (usually used for a microphone), you can use a standard mini plug to 1/4" plug stereo Y-cable. You can get one at Radio Shack very cheaply. Plug the mini plug end into the laptop, and plug the "Y" end of the cable into the drum module's audio OUT (remember to make sure the left and right inputs are correct for stereo.) You can then use a recording program to record your stuff. Windows has a built in sound recorder program in the "accessories" area (off the start menu.) Just be sure the module is turned LOW at first, then turn up the volume a bit to get the level you want. There are also free/shareware programs for recording, that have more features. You may have to play with the volume a bit to get it where you want. BTW- you can use this technique to get ANY sound into your computer (mic, radio, tape, LP, VCR, etc.) Good luck!


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