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Szvook, a friendly challenge

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  • Szvook, a friendly challenge

    Dear Szvook,
    I apologize if I seemed harsh over at the ddrum forum, but.....


    I humbly request that you explain...

    1. How a compressor increases dynamic range.

    2. How a TD-8 sounds more like an acoustic set than a Ddrum 4 even though you've never even owned an acoustic set!?!?

    3. Why Rob Van Putten should spend more than $300 on outboard effects, specifically why he should buy a Drawmer over a dbx 166 or an RNC and a Lexicon MPX 200.

    4. BONUS QUESTION: Whats the difference between a compressor, a noise gate, a limiter, an expander, and a sonic maximizer.
    Use of actual physics counts.

    5. EXTRA BONUS QUESTION: Why should I listen to anything you say after that Powder incident and your apparent attempts to incite riot between the vdrum and ddrum boards?

    As my Daddy used to say, "Don't Bullsh*t a Bullsh*tter!"



    P.S. I have a lot of gear, and I've met some semi-famous people too.

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    After reading the thread on the ddrums site, I'd say there is nothing "humble" or "respectful" in this post. And you accuse Szvook of inciting a riot?!

    Szvook recently posted alot of the compression stuff found in the ddrum thread. Most of us are well aware of his fondness for outboard gear. I'd say the majority agree, if you can afford it, the high end gear can make a good thing sound much better if used properly - both v and d drums. It's not like your big studio's and namebands are forced to use it. They choose to do so. Not all of us can afford it or agree it is that big of a need. I assure you, we don't all blindly run out and buy everything he recommends.

    The comment about his not owning acoustic drums is absurd. This seems to imply he has never heard acoustic drums or played another's A drums. I know alot of people who own Adrums and don't know jack about them. Can't tune em, can't play them. Ownership is irrelevant.

    Yea, he screwed up with that Powder incident. He's also apologized a thousand times over for it and has to live with it. We all got over it, maybe you should do the same.

    Incite a riot? Your buttons must be easily pushed. We have people who love pushing other's buttons. It provides comic relief for most of us.

    Man! Someone's gotta maintain order around here.

    Now Szvook, I have gone to bat for you. You need to promise to behave and quit playing with guns.


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      I concur with NetCop. In spite of the powder incident, Szvook has contributed greatly to this forum (how much have you contributed?).

      With regard to the technology of sound, I have found Szvook's advice to be extremely useful. I have implemented some of his suggestions, and the results proved well worth the extra money.

      Having owned and played acoustics for many years as both a professional drummer and now as a music hobbyist, I believe my TD-8 actually sounds more like acoustics in certain circumstances. As an example, miking and amplifying acoustic drums (live and in the studio) often results in a "poor translation" of their natural sound. This process essentially converts acoustics into electronics and poor ones at that. The point being that it is easier to process the TD-8 signal directly which has a rich variety of natural acoustic sounds.

      The next time you challenge Szvook, you may first wish to take into account his tremendous service. He's put a lot of work into helping fellow Edrummers, I think he deserves some slack.

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        Originally posted by rpg:
        I think he deserves some slack.
        It's time to take up the slack.


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          Sheesh, the guy is only asking questions over here. The topic is titled "a friendly challenge" and now people start to talk about who's contributed most to this forum and bla bla...

          He is just asking questions.... what's the problem?

          Music was my first love...


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            Originally posted by MPCman:
            The topic is titled "a friendly challenge"...

            He is just asking questions.... what's the problem?

            hehehe, Another button pushed! Looks like Marc. isn't the only one good at that.

            Szvook has written quite a bit about it and I'm sure will continue to write more (if he gets out of the latest mess he's in on another thread). Answers to items 1 and 4 would be interesting and possibly enlightening. The other 3 questions... it's a free country - nobody is stopping anyone from reading or writing - well, maybe Netcop. I'd say #3 is largely based on personal opinion/taste and #2 and 5 are just dumb.
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              Just my 0.02 - Szvook has provided me with heaps of useful information, both in this forum, and via email (and even snail mail!).

              Szvook for president!

              oh - and what WAS the powder incident?!
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                He is just asking questions.... what's the problem?


                Well actually, I'm not just asking questions. This was a thinly veiled attempt to expose Szvook for the charlatan that he is.

                And apparently I'm not alone. Some guys that have a lot of credence around here ( c. jude, Arriguy, feefer, and some others) are behind me on this one.

                Netcop, you're right. I don't post a whole lot around here. I'm more of a lurker. I was hesitant to make this post because of that. But enough is enough. I sat out the Powder incident, the "look what the Ddrum forum is saying about us" thread, and a whole lot of other nonsense that he has spewed out over the last year.

                Now he's plagarizing other people's articles:

                That dog don't hunt.

                For the record, I love this board. My post was not meant to start a vdrum vs. ddrum debate, an acoustic vs. electric debate, or a discussion on the merits of outboard effects.

                Has Szvook ever contributed anything worthwhile? Yes. But claiming other peoples work as his own (repeatedly), and making erroneous claims like "compression actually increases dynamics" don't cut it in my book.

                Sorry, but I've just had enough of that guy.



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                  Originally posted by c. jude:
                  Originally posted by Boingo:
                  ...Answers to items 1 and 4 would be interesting and possibly enlightening...I'd say #3 is largely based on personal opinion/taste and #2 and 5 are just dumb.
                  If anyone is truly interested in 1 and 4, please post specifics in the Technical or In the Studio forums outside of some sort of direct confrontation with an individual. I have posted already on some continued controvery and will not pile on here. I'm much more interested in discussions of (predominantly) music related topics.
                  Dr. Kildrum to the rescue once again!

                  Thank you,



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                    Music was my first love...


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                      Originally posted by Oz DrumR:
                      what WAS the powder incident?!
                      Oz!! Have you forgotten how to use the search engine since you left our shores??
                      The legendary powder incident occured when Mr Szvook posted some MP3's allegedly of his own material but was subsequently shown to be the work of a band called 'Powder'.

                      'I only ever quote myself - except when I quote someone else' - me

                      , plenty of , and , , triggered acoustics, , and a plethora of PA blah blah freakin blah...I mean does anyone care about the specifics of pedals, speakers, processors, hardware or anything that I'm using?? :confused: Hmmm, maybe this is an appropriate place to mention that I tried out a new cymbal stand the other day...


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                        God love ya, Svook, you're the alcoholic father I never had, continually screwing up, then offering apologies and denials at the same time!


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                          i had an alcoholic father.........but he could'nt play drums
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                            I have an alcoholic step father... I have played the drums on his head with size 5 finger sticks. That particular drum has poor stick response (kinda hard), not much decay, and the hardware didn't last long.


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