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Custom or Club?

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  • Custom or Club?

    I've been wanting to pickup an e-kit for quite some time now. That desire has grown stronger, now that I have 2 small kids.

    My local music shop currently has a v-club kit, and a v-custom kit that's been upgraded with 2 CY14 pads instead of the PD7 pads. They've also got in stock the PM3 and a HandSonic.

    I'm looking for advice on which way to go. I normally play acoustic drums, and I'll never get rid of them. But I NEED to practice more than, well, never. I could pick up the the v-custom kit for about $3500 (I'm in Canada, eh!), or get the v-club for $2200. If I got the club kit, that would leave me enough dough to nab either the PM3 for $1000, or the HandSonic for about $1100.

    So here's a couple questions:
    Is the PM3 really any good? It sounds fime to me, but it's got more power than I'd need just by myself in the basement.

    In terms of just home practice, and the very rare time I'd take my e-kit to a gig, is the custom kit really worth the difference? I have a suspicion that I'll be reasonably satisfied with the limitations on the club, but I'm not sure. Any thoughts?

    I love the HandSonic. Any thoughts on this puppy?

    Thanks so much for any assistance in this.

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    I don't think you can go wrong with either set for home practice. Although both kits use different modules, the sounds are basically the same. The V-Custom's TD-8 provides a few more outputs and some additional editing options compared to the TD-6, but the sounds are almost identical among the two.

    If you like the sounds, then I think your decision should be based on the feel the kit. The V-Club uses rubber pads for the snare and toms, while the V-Custom uses mesh heads. The V-Custom has an upright kick while the V-Club uses the KD-7 with an inverted beater. If you are used to playing an acoustic kit, the V-Custom pads may have a more natural feel (although some claim they're too bouncy). If stick noise is an issue, the mesh heads tend to be quieter for home practice.

    If you are buying an e-drum kit exclusively for home practice, do you really need the PM3? Both the V-Club and V-Custom kits come with modules that have a headphone jack and an input for connecting a cd player to play along with. On the rare occasion when you take the kit out to a gig, the PM3 probably won't cut it for live performances (based on what I've read on this site).Good luck!

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      Unless you desire to purchase locally, I would check out a Pintech drumset with the Roland TD-6 from SEPDRUMS.com It would save you some money and get you some mesh head drums. Also Erik (Sepdrums) is a frequenter of this Vdrum site and very helpful.

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