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  • spd-6

    I just purchased a spd-6 and I am not sure how to connect it to my td-10 that I will be able to use it in connection with my td-10.
    all serious replies requested please.

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    thats sounds great but I am not sure about the part of the soiund that I can set. I am looking to set chimes in the sp-6 but the chimes are not listed on the sd-6. can you help a fellow drummer out.


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      C. jude was right.

      You don't need to use (unless you want to) any of the sounds in the SPD-6 - the TD-10 sounds are generally better.

      Simply connect the midi out (the only midi socket on the SPD-6) to your midi in on the TD-10.

      The key is understanding the setup of the groups on the TD-10 (which note numbers are in use already ie. snare, T1, T2, Kick etc - and which you can afford to use ie. Probably Kick 2, T1-RIM, T2-RIM etc - look in your TD-10 manual to see the note assignments towards the back - there are pictures of a keyboard layout, note numbers etc if I recall correctly).

      In brief, you have to assign your SPD pads to note numbers in your TD-10. And then the sounds you want to trigger to those note numbers: it's like a two stage process.

      So say that you set the chime sound to note number 44 (read TD-10 manual!) if it's 'free' on your TD-10, you then set up the top left hand pad on your SPD-6 to send a message to play note 44 on your TD-10: the instructions for this are in the SPD manual -
      I'd be a little more precise (and will be!) but my V's have been on a ship for 3 months (I get them 21/02!)

      When you hit your top left pad, an instruction is sent to your TD-10 to sound note #44 - which you've set to be chimes! Simple (not!!!)

      Sorry this is vague, drop me a mail towards the end of this week, if you haven't figured it out, and I'll dig out my manuals and be precise.

      I know that I was a little confused with regard to this setup (I have TD-8 & SPD-6) but if you keep trying, I'm sure that you'll get the results that you want. If you're stuck, drop me a mail and I'll help you out in more detail - Harlock was kind enough to dig me out of this one, so I'm prepared to help you (or anyone!).
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        thanx a million for the data and your time to explain this. but, if I get stuck i will email you for assistance. again thanx