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Td-7 kit, any good?

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  • Td-7 kit, any good?

    Hello there!

    I've been looking into buying an electronic kit lately, and since I'm on a limited budget, the choice was really either the TD6 or the DTExpress. After trying them both, I find the TD6 to be vastly superior, so now it is just a matter of saving up the money

    However, I recently came across a used TD7 kit, at about half the price of what a TD6 would cost, so I thought I'd ask you guys: Is the TD7 and good? I'm especially looking for a comparison to the TD6.

    Thanks guys

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    IMHO, the TD-7 is the least desirable Roland module. I would take a TD-5 over it! I have a TD-7 I use for teaching and I am replacing it with a TD-6 as soon as it arrives. I plan to sell the TD-7 after I get it repaired. The outputs quit working about a year ago. I only use the headphones while teaching so it didn't matter at the time. It will probably cost as much to repair it as I would get selling it.
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      Dont be too quick to judge the DTExpress! I have had one for over a year now, and i have only just started getting some good stuff out of it. (Probably due to some 6 hour rehersal sessions for 4 solid weeks!). Its downfall is the pads, esp. the cymbals. They are absolutly awful, but the actually brain isnt so bad.


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        I'm not saying the DTExpress is bad, but I found the TD6 to be much better, and they cost exactly the same over here, so...

        Especially on tom/cymbal rolls, the DTExpress just couldn't keep up, and the hi-hat controller was god-awful on the kit that I tried, it was nearly impossible to find an in-between position.

        So the TD7 is no good, you say?


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          If you are referring to the PCY-60's and PCY-80 and 80S pads, I prefer them over using a drum pad as a cymbal. PCY's look more like a cymbal than a PD-9. I have two sets of the Yamaha cymbals and I don't even own a Yamaha module. The Yamaha PCY's have always worked great for me.

          I use the Roland CY-6's now.
          I'm a drummer. I don't play the timpani! Hire a percussionist!!!


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            The only advantage I ever found in the TD-7 was the ability to asign multi-layer sounds to one trigger. It also has 4 tom inputs (if you need that).
            I'm a drummer. I don't play the timpani! Hire a percussionist!!!


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              I see many posts by people saying they don't like a certain e-kit because the way it played in the store. These units are very user adjustable and may take some time to tailor to your touch and technique. It's my experience that Yamaha is more adustable with more variables than Roland so keep that in mind. The new DTXpress 2000 comes with two stereo pads that don'r cost extra. The TD7 kit was a top line kit for a long time and comes with stereo pads throughout, just because Roland slapped V on the Club kit, don't think it's going to be like the other V kits Roland makes. Just buy what you want. The TD7 had 512 sounds 24 patterns, the Vclub has 1200 sounds and alot of paterns,songs, time moves foward. The DTXPRESS has 900 sounds 95 songs, these are good kits to cut your teeth on as are the Roland kits.
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