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Need help with Hookin' TD10 And Akai S5k...Will Pay $$!!!

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  • Need help with Hookin' TD10 And Akai S5k...Will Pay $$!!!

    Here's what I'm trying to do.
    I'm trying to trigger 2 and 4 bar loops off of an Akai
    S5000 From a TD10.
    There are alot of synth arp's as well as some beatloops.
    Due to the fact that I'm not very familiar with both pieces and being a Midiot, I need some technical assistance.
    I'm located in NYC. I need to get this rig going so that I can start gigging with my band.
    I'm willing to pay for some hands on technical assistance.
    If any of you guys fit the bill, please e-mail me at...
    [email protected]
    thanx in advance!

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    Are these pre done loops on CD Rom? If so ,it isn't hard to get started. Just load them up in your sampler and set the gate times up in your TD-10. The problem with using a Roland drum module for this is 1.you can't set separate channel info for each input 2.there's no latch or hold mode. To make it work you're going to have to determine which note number they are set to play on, then go into voice edit mode on the Roland and turn off the volume for the TD-10's internal voice. Since you have to set the loop to play the TD-10's basc channel, it's a juggling act. The Vdrum modules really are for playing basic drums, not for controlling loops or keyboard sounds. You might want to get a used Drumkat or DTX module that is geared for what you need, you can stick it off to one side and use it for loops. Reording loops from and audio souce into a sampler is a huge pain in the ass and I wouldn't suggest it unless you know what you're doing, I've been playing with samplers for 10 years and I hate doing it. It's really hard to get them in time by looping them unless you have a graphic editing program like Sonic Foundry.
    Drumkat Turbo 4.5, Emulator X3, Superior 2.1, Roland Fantom XR, DTXtreme III, SPD-20 etc.......