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How to set up your kit

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  • How to set up your kit

    Does anyone know of any good material (webpage, book, video) that deals with positioning the drums/pads in your kit? I started out with the basic rack configuration in the manual, and then adjusted it to feel comfortable for me from there...but since I'm not a drummer, there's probably a few things I could learn from you veterans about pad placement. I searched on all kinds of words, but couldn't find any posts on this. Any advice would be appreciated! (And I'm not having any specific problems, I just don't want to develop "bad habits" my playing that is!) TIA,


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    First off, what kit are you playing, because i find that the placement of the smaller rubber pads of say a td-6K kit is somewhat different to the chunkier pads and placement of a TD-8K, and again for the full size V-Session.

    For the base rubber pads, i have a snare close in, and the hat further away, hitting where the middle of an acoustic hat would be. I have my 'ride' low and close, and whatever crashes higher and further out. Tom placement varies on your size, being small i have the 'rack' toms close together and quite far away, and the 'floor' toms pushed away at about 75 degrees or so.

    The placement for the bigger pads is roughly the same, save for the snare on the V-session (it is on a stand therefore more moveable.)

    Oh - and for the PD-80 pads, i have the toms further apart and the floor tom closer in. The snare i move away so i can make use of the rimshot trigger.

    Hope this helps in some way.

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      Placement advice? Hmmmmmm .... In my entire drumming experience (+35 yr) I have never run across two identical setups.

      Mark - The only advice I can offer is to think of it as selecting an outfit to wear that will leave you feeling like a million bucks. The point is comfort. If it feels good, you should be fine.

      Developing bad drum habits? Are there such things? Oh! You must mean things like poking the singer's eye out w/poor twirling skills?
      Exceeding bad-ass fill quotas? Poor h/w maintance habits resulting in off-time cymbal crashes? Sorry - you're on yer own.


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        Originally posted by Marc.:
        The point is comfort. If it feels good, you should be fine.
        Well, I guess I'm on the right track then!
        It's a Studio Set, so it's all PD-7s and PD-9s (for now). The drummer in my band used to let me play his kit all the time, and that was comfortable for me, so I tried to emulate that. I guess I was just looking for some tips on making it even more playable (or efficient, I guess), but it's comfortable for me now. Thanks,



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          Dave Weckl talks about how to set up the kit in his video "How to develop technique". There is even some more videos on the subject at:



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   has some stuff about it I believe.

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              Originally posted by vandal:
              Dave Weckl talks about how to set up the kit in his video "How to develop technique".
              Also check out Dave Weckl's vid 'Back to Basics' has some good general kit set up tips on it. Apart from that it is a great video!!!

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