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toms and cymbals?

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  • toms and cymbals?

    Greetings vdrummers...

    I have a vdrum kit, TD10 with TDW1... two tom pads, snare pad, etc (somewhere between custom and pro). I'm definitely in need of another tom pad, and need to get your advice.

    How do the Pintechs or other brands stack up against the Rolands?

    How do the other cymbals stack up too?


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    I've compared the Pintech mesh pads (Concert Cast Series) against the Roland mesh pads (PD-100/PD-120 series), and I like the Roland pads much better...

    A couple of reasons why:

    1-The Roland pad feels more responsive to me...it seems like there's a small "dead" spot in the center of the Pintech pad. I think this is because Pintech uses a 'half-moon' shaped foam piece under their heads vs. the Roland pad which uses a small foam cone about the size of a pencil eraser (the foam piece that actually touches the head)

    2-The Pintech pad is quite heavy (cast metal). It seems heavier when compared to either Roland pad - PD/100 or PD-120.

    3-I didn't like the Pintech's clamping mechanism either...they use a "locking-type" screw with a handle to clamp the pad onto the stem ("L" rod). Whereas, the Roland pad clamps around the stem similar to a cowbell mount (eyelet clamp).

    Obviously, these are MY opinions...so, check out the Pintech's for yourself!!!

    Good Luck in your search.


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      I've owned both brands of pads and it really depends on what you are going to use it for. I agree the Rolands are much better(especially with a Roland module). I wouldnt use the Pintechs for a snare, the Roland pads are way better here, but if you are just wanting to use it as a tom pad the Pintech will do fine.