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FD-7 Sensitivity

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  • FD-7 Sensitivity

    Hi again.

    Thanks for all your help with my previous questions.

    This kit is FANTASTIC!!! I've only had crosstalk on Tom 2 and Crash 2, and I've FIXED IT!!! I can't believe this kit has NO CROSSTALK OUT OF THE BOX.

    I've even got the Cross-Stick working 100% !!

    Oh I'm a happy bunny.

    The ONLY problem I've now got, is with the FD-7.

    The FD-7 pedal does NOTHING in the first inch and a-half or so of downward arc travel, and all the 'sound' changing occured in a VERY small limited space at the very bottom of its travel. Making it VERY hard to control the degree to which the two 'virtual' HiHat cymbals are displaced from each other.

    The 127 'steps' that the FD-7 'senses' are theoretical? How does the TDW-1 help? All I've noticed is the ability to change the volume of the chinck and splash but NOT the sensitivity / graduation of the ARC of the pedal to the various sounds.

    I did call the UK support line and asked them and they said that they didn't 'think' it could be done, but he would pass it onto R&D for possible future implementation via patching.

    Can I ask then that EVERYONE interested in increasing the ARC of sound control for the FD-7 requests the same thing via email and or voice to Roland Support, and hopefully if enough do, R&D may patch it sooner rather than later or never.

    HOWEVER, does anyone know of a workaround / mod to either the FD-7 or the settings to get around this.

    Other than this in the 2 days I've spent playing it hard...it's exceeded every wish I've had.



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    I think you will have to get used to this. It has been kicked around before. With practice, you will get better at it, but I don't know anyone who has completely mastered full control of the small open/closed portion of the FD-7 & TD brains. There are some threads where a few guys have done work with alternate electronics on the hats but I don't believe anyone has found something to improve this.

    You can adjust the distance the pedal goes up and down to some extent, but that has nothing to do with the small window where you engage the sound from full closed to full open with all the nuances in between.

    If anyone has a different read on this, I'd like to hear it.
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      Thanks Boingo

      Can I just again ask that anyone who's got 2 minutes to spare to email this as a PROBLEM for FUTURE RESOLUTION to Roland Support and maybe they'll patch it.

      It shouldn't be hard after all should it?

      PS How does one patch a TD10+TDW-1?



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        As far as I know, the only fixes/improvements have been with the expansion card. With the recent midi update to the TD-8, perhaps it's possible that way too. However, if I know Roland, they will call that an "improvement" and not a "fix". And there will be a charge for it.
        Kit Pic 1 Kit Pic 2 Kit Pic 3... And FOR SALE I have: 3 PD-9's, MDS-10 purple rack w/cables/pad and cym mounts. See classified posts for details or PM me.